Alicia Souza is a bubbly illustrator from Bangalore who has taken the internet by the storm! With a fan following of 70,000 plus on Facebook and almost 55,000 on Instagram, this lady is an inspiration to many! But while growing up, Alicia never fathomed that she will dive into this offstream career line. Surprising, right?

We had a candid chat with Alicia and were amazed to listen how she penciled her way as an illustrator –

A Little about Alicia Souza

Charlie BrownBorn and brought up in Abu Dhabi, Alicia wanted to be a Veterinarian while growing up. However, life had something else planned for Alicia. While working on a school magazine, looking at her work her teacher had commented  “You will ruin your life if you don’t pursue art as a profession.” With this statement stuck in mind, Alicia did Bachelors in Communication Design and later took up a Graphic Designing Course in Australia. She spent 5 years in Australia working part time in a cafe and part time as a newspaper illustrator on contract. While she was illustrating for the newspaper, she realized how much she loved this job! However, her illustration contract at the newspapers was short lived. She then received a call from Chumbak for designing souvenirs and accessories which landed her in Bangalore. Ever since then, Bangalore has become a home for her!

The Struggle from a Full Time Job to Freelancing

Alicia IllustrationsAlicia Souza’s stint with Chumbak lasted for a year and a half and they decided to take different paths. It was then that Alicia decided to go as a freelancer. Starting off on her own was the worst nightmares claims the artist. She says, That was probably one of the hardest times in my life but it taught me a whole lot and I cannot be more grateful that it happened, no matter how much of a struggle it was.” She set up her own ecommerce site and was a one woman army designing, processing the orders, keeping a tab on payments etc. She was broke when she started freelancing. The initial days were difficult and she did not make much till she got a hang of the market place. After that there was no looking behind! Now with her partner Saurabh by her side, Alicia Souza has a wide range of artist merchandise of lifestyle and stationery products.

Her Daily Inspiration

Daily InspirationIf you are one of Alicia’s fan and have seen her illustrations, you must have noticed her illustrations are inspired from her daily life. On this Alicia says, “Because I work from home primarily, I tend to spend a lot of time with my fur babies. That’s why they feature in a lot of my work too! And also they have really strong personalities, so that helps!”

This is another reason why so many of her illustrations resonate with all of us. When people tell Alicia that they so relate to her drawings, Alicia feels elated! She says, “I feel very very happy. It’s just joyous to know that people relate to your work and you! You feel like you have an extended family!”

As the Future Unfolds

Alicia SouzaWhen asked about her future plans, Alicia beams up and says “I never wanted to start an online store once I started freelancing but since i met my partner, Saurabh, he made me take the plunge and now there’s no turning back! So hopefully to take time off freelancing and concentrate on the online store a bit more and grow the business more.”

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Advice for Aspiring Creative Professionals

Alicia keeps it simple by saying, “Draw and be nice!” Nevertheless she emphasizes on the importance of practicing and drawing everyday single day.

Alicia AdviceLast but not the least. Alicia Souza loves her furr buddies and insists, “Adopt. Don’t shop.”

We wish Alicia all the very best for her future endeavors! May her illustrations always bring a smile on everyone’s face 🙂


She is a dynamic HR, an avid reader, an amateur poet and a natural writer. She is an ardent believer in God and tries to dig up happiness even in the darkest of mines. Join her as she takes you on a joyride called ‘life’.


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