All about Kala Ghoda 2016 – Chance to revisit!


It’s been a week since one of the best art festivals of Mumbai has ended, so we thought of giving you a glimpse of the event in short. This year the festival again lived up to the expectations of being unique and crude. The number of people that turned up for the event also reached an all-time high. The festival is a tribute to all arts and artists, which display their creativity with a social and moral motive. And to top it all up, the exhibition of the art is dipped into the flavor of Mumbai or as we call it with love, Bom-bae!


This year covered multiple ideas and initiatives; the ‘Make in India’ was at center stage. Huge work was shown about keeping our environment clean and green, to bringing the Rupee higher in international markets, to child abuse, to the communication with the physically disabled. Here is what we think were the highlights of the event –

The first piece of art that caught our eye was this splendid structure that depicted child abuse. It created a feeling of awareness and awakening against this ugly truth of the society we live in. Child Abuse, though ignored and not spoken about is something, which happens around us. It is our responsibility to end this hideous crime against children, who are the future. Ignoring is as good as allowing this to happen, to children who cannot defend themselves. The structure also depicted a very strong and important message – Child Abuse occurs mostly within the child’s circle of trust.


The green Mumbai booth was arguably the busiest throughout the event. A cleaner and greener Mumbai was one of the significant agenda of the art festival, as always. There were hundreds of messages written over a board, which displayed the concern and care of Mumbaikars, towards this one emotion that we share – “Mumbai”. A couple of the messages written by kids caught our eye.

The ‘Make in India’ initiative being one of the highlights of the entire event, reflected in many art forms. This was to encourage the youth of the nation to work within the country and to take it on the way to becoming the best. Using Mahatma Gandhi as its face, the agenda was to induce faith and determination in the youth. The event also included performances by various artists like Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Shibani Kashyap, Vir Das and Ayushman Khurana.

All in all, the 17th edition of Kala Ghoda was a hit, as expected. Mumbaikars will be waiting for the next edition and we will be waiting to cover it for you guys. Here are some amazing pictures from Kala Ghoda 2016 which might interest you. Kudos to Kala Ghoda organizers and participants!

An historical art made to define Kala Ghoda
Miniature of rickshaw and its shade
Cutting chai! Part of everyone’s life in Mumbai
Amazing chandelier with tea glasses and kettle
Colorful world!!
Wall of messages from Mumbaikar to Mumbaikar!!
Child abuse awareness!!
Face which we all have!! A happy face!!
Aerial art!
Contemporary corner for shopping!
Mercedes Dipped in Art !!

kalaghoda6 kalaghoda4

Photo credits: Charmi Mehta (Instagram – _thebanditqueen)


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