Dr. Ambarish Darak’s journey from medicine to film direction through Anuraag


A famous refractory surgeon from Pune, Dr. Ambarish Darak turns a director with his debut film Anuraag, a first Marathi film to be shot entirely in Leh Ladakh.


As a doctor, he got opportunity to come across many people facing mid-life crisis. It was then that the writer and director within him thought of bringing these stories on the big screen and help couples rediscover their long lost love. Unlike other directors, neither did he had a detailed script nor a relatively clear idea as to how he would go ahead to recreate these real life stories into reel life. The only thing that was clear in his mind was the film had to touch the chord of every person who will watch the movie.

We had Dr. Ambarish Darak in a candid chat, where we discussed about profession, movies and his interest and many more stories about making of Anuraag. Dig in below to find out interesting scoop and picks from this conversation.

Out of curiosity we asked him about how he balances his role as a doctor and a director.

Dr. Ambarish Darak is a very successful refractory surgeon, and has many centers and clinics across the country. This brings a lot of travel in his day to day life. He states that “During my travel I don’t have the habit to sleep, so this is when I chalk down my tasks, ideas, work and prioritize them for execution.”  He says that he never juggles between his professional and passion, as he gives 100% when he is in into specific role. This is how he strikes perfect balance between his profession as a doctor and as a director. At end he adds, “Where there is a will, there is always a way to go.”

Dr. Ambarish Darak speaking about best moments while making of the film Anuraag…

Anuraag is like one of the challenging projects from his bag of dreams; it was very difficult for him to comment on some of the best moments as the whole movie stands on special spot for him. He specially mentioned few pleasurable moments while making the film, where he states – when he was talking to ace cinematographer Suresh Deshmane and the lead actress Mrunmayee Deshpande, he was able to get vibes that they are connected with him and story and he could clearly make out that they are conceiving the exact feeling about the film which he has, that was the moment of satisfaction where he knew that his dream project is in safe hands.

He smiles and adds, “Usually, it is difficult that people completely gel with your thinking and understand every single word, but the sparkle in Mrunmayee’s eyes clearly showed she understood every word perfectly and I was amazed to see that.”


What made you venture into film making? What were the challenges that you faced in your journey to a director?

Dr. Ambarish Darak holds a special passion about movies and he would always tell his family that he would not die without making a movie. When he thought of venturing into movies, he discussed his interests with cinematographer Suresh Deshmane, whom he considers his guru. Dr. Darak had a story in his mind, but being a novice in this field, he first wanted to learn the art of film making. Suresh Deshmane decided to take care of the technical intricacies while he made his debut film and that is how it all began. Dr. Darak further described that having a visualization of what his characters were doing and how they performed on stage was one of his strong points and as his actors and crew were extremely efficient; this made his job a lot easier. He later added, “There was no major challenge in movie making, but there was a constant learning in this whole project, which was my driving force overall.”

Do you have any plans of shifting to Hindi movies or you prefer Marathi movies only?

When we asked him if he had any plans to shift to Bollywood, he smiled and said, “What is the need to switch over, I love Marathi movies because of the content and at the moment I don’t have any plans of making Hindi movies”. He believes a movie should have a strong content to connect with the audience so he would continue to do Marathi movies only.


Any darkest / unpleasant moments while making Anuraag

Speaking about any unpleasant moments during Anuraag, Dr. Darak likes to describe it as challenges and not really as dark moments of the film. He states, “There was a time while shooting, the crew and actors faced health issues because of extreme climate and being at such high altitudes, and yet they managed to continue. Mrunmayee was down with cold and fever, cinematography crew was sick as well, which made shooting days bit difficult, but yet there was hardly any interference in movie making. Being a doctor I have to be more careful towards health of my crew, so I used make sure that there would be no burden or any challenges for actors and remaining crew.”


 Message you would like to convey through the file Anuraag

Anuraag is an experience; there are no messages or any conclusion. This movie would create a bond between Leh- Ladakh and audience. He smiles and adds, “Every person watching Anuraag would connect with it, irrespective of its conclusion.” He says if audience gets attached and connects to Anuraag it would be his success as an director.


Describe a little bit about the star cast of the film.

Talking about the actors of this film, he was blessed with perfect star cast for his story. Dharmendra Gohil the male lead is a great theatre artist and he has ability to understand and give best shot in his own convincing way. It was surprising for Dr. Darak, when Dharmendra said yes to his film, as till the moment they met Dr. Darak was unsure if he would agree for this role.

Speaking about Mrunmayee, he states, “She is a soulmate, because whatever I was thinking about the screenplay she had same thought process and you enjoy when somebody understands you completely. She is ten on ten ranking person, she is a wonderful co-star, a superb actress and a remarkable person.” Mrunmayee is a female lead, still she took complete charge of the film. In Ladakh she took care of everything right from clothes and was willing to help in every section of this movie, right from the script writing, screenplay and direction. Dr. Darak adds with a sparkle in his eyes, which after meeting Mrunmayee decided to not stop here and pursue more films in collaboration and as well getting into production.


Mrunmayee, Suresh Deshmane and Dr. Darak are thinking of venturing ahead now. Suresh Deshmane is another star of the film; and Dr. Darak didn’t forget to say that he wouldn’t have been able to complete this film without Suresh Deshmane, he has absolute zero thoughts of doing any film without him. This trio are teaming up together and thinking of bigger films now.


Anuraag a film which depicts a journey of emotions is all set to release on 11 March 2016. Here is its latest trailer, mark the date and join for a virtual trip to Leh-Ladakh and emotions which we all go through:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcb-zj3FB60[/embedyt]

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