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Anarkalis have become a popular outfit especially for special occasions like marriages and allied ceremonies. If you are not a big fan of a saree, then a pristine looking rich Anarkali is the next best option for any marriage event. Beautiful bright colors along with some alluring patterns and designs are few of the plus points of Anarkali patterns.

Here are a few Anarkali patterns you should have in your wardrobe!

Glittering Red Fiesta Anarkali Patterns

A red color is always a great color to wear at marriages and if it is teamed up with golden, then one cannot ignore the sizzling look it imparts! Wear delicate golden jewelry with this fiery red Anarkali dress and be ready to be noticed at any ceremony!

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Pristine White Lacy Anarkali

A surreal white Anarkali with an intricate lace and a superb flair is a must have Anarkali dress in your wardrobe. The classiness white color provides cannot be compared with any other color. Wear white pearls or any other colored jewelry on this dress for a lovely mystical look!

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Majestic Black Anarkali

A close neck Anarkali dress with exquisite embroidery on the neck and a contrasting golden big border is one of the dresses which look rich and glamorous. You can prove all folks wrong who think showing skin is the only way to glamor! Not any more, look glamorous in this completely clad Anarkali too!

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Multi Colored Slit Anarkali

A multi colored Anarkali with a slit in between is a different pattern from the normal Anarkali dresses. The flair gives an extra dazzle to the entire dress. This dress pattern is specially great for thin body frames.

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Shiny Mirror Work Anarkali

An offbeat lime green color with extra ordinary mirror work is what differentiates this Anarkali from the other routine patterns. The color and the work is well crafted and too elegant to be ignored at any function.

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Don’t get confused anymore on which Anarkali dress to flaunt at the next big occasion. Pick one of these for a great look and feel good about yourself too!

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