Your Checklist To Date A Aquarian Man – Something To Be Noted

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Aquarian man are born in between classic January 21 and February 19. They can be witty and then they can be sarcastic. One moment they are stubborn and in another they charm you with their wit. You never really know when they cross the thin line demarcating their opposite characteristics. Aquarian man have their own personal traits. So if you have been going around with an Aquarian man it’s time you have a look at our checklist before you move onto some serious dating.

The Impulsive-Unpredictable Combo

Do not ever be surprised if he comes with a random plan that is completely opposite to how he usually is. Aquarian guys are more than just unpredictable. They are high on impulses and don’t like to do things the normal way and hence can liven up your mood anytime, any way. Be ready for some exciting stuff girls!

‘Be-on-their-own’ Man

You need to face this-Aquarian man are born independent. They hate to be weighed down by anything or anybody. You might come across situations where he would flinch at the thought of a strong commitment but it is just one of their traits. They believe that they are at their best when left alone, in short, they value their space.


The Ultimate Talk-it-out Person

We have often heard of our friends cribbing about how their partner doesn’t communicate much with them. Well, if you are preparing yourself to date an Aquarian, be sure that communication would never be a problem. You have a problem? He will talk it out!


Fair Play is His Play

Get these clear ladies, no cheating, no lies and no keeping things from your Aquarian crush. It would take just a minute to lose him if you indulge in any of the said things. They like to keep things simple and fair. So if you wouldn’t want him sneaking behind your back, make sure you don’t do the same.


Incredible Captivators

All said and done, you just can’t ignore their charm. They have a certain way of charming you which draws you to them. They are super magnetic in personality which can definitely get some blush on your face.


Like everybody else, Aquarian men aren’t perfect. But who said we want perfect?!

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