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It is not a regular occurrence when an anchor quitting becomes a social media trend, unless the anchor is Arnab Goswami. According to a report by News Minute, Arnab Goswami, the Editor-In-Chief of Times Now has resigned from the channel.

There is no official confirmation of the news but the News Minute report says that Arnab Goswami announced his quitting decision to a closed group of employs. Arnab Goswami is well known for hosting a prime time show called ‘News Hour’. News Hour is arguably the most watched prime-time news show on Indian Television.

Though this whole news has no official confirmation till now but due some strong sources it is catching fire all over the social media. There are some rumors which could be the main reason of Arnab leaving Times Now.

Here are some rumors which caught our attention.  

  • It was being said that Times Now group was often soft on congress and Arnab openly critized congress party many times. Maybe that’s the reason that led to a strained relationship between Arnab and Times Now.
  • Recently Mukesh Ambani openly praised Arnab Goswami as his favorite journalist. There is a chance of Arnab Goswami joining Network 18, a company recently bought by Mukesh Ambani. Network 18, which is still considered as a lagging news network could use a Brand like Arnab Goswami to get back on top.
  • Arnabh could join Rupert Murdoch and help him launch Fox News in India. Fox News is a popular UK news organization.
  • Sources say Arnab could start his own new venture with politician and entrepreneur Rajeev Chandrasekhar. Well, this one looks the most relevant because it will not be wrong to say that Arnab Goswami has become a bigger brand that Times Now itself. Starting a new venture will also give Arnab the freedom of openly replying to all the journalist fraternity, who always criticize him for his loud debates and sensational journalism.
 Those who don’t know Arnab Goswami and are not familiar with his prime time debates, here is a debate video to let you know what we are talking about.

Arnabh Goswami is considered as the most popular journalist but he is also the most hated one too. If Arnab starts his own news venture, it is for sure that the debates will be even more heated than before.

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