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How often do you stare at yourself in the mirror? And say, “Hello gorgeous!” Every lady wants to look beautiful when she steps out of house. Get party-like glowing skin more often now, that too without spending a whole fortune at the salon. What if we told you that there’s no need to take appointments at the salon before attending a wedding? You may be wondering that’s impossible! Not now! What do you think about doing a facial at home by yourself? Aroma leaf brings you a range of facial kits that will leave your skin fresh and glowing instantly.

We have got this chance to bring a honest review of Aroma leaf facial kits to our readers!

Brand Name: Aroma Leaf

Product: O+FAIRERGLO, GOLDBLISS, and PARTY GLOW facial kits


Packaging: Box Packing


  • Aroma leaf PARTY GLOW ₹150 for 50g pack
  • Aroma leaf O+FAIRERGLO ₹175 for 50g pack
  • Aroma leaf GOLDBLISS ₹175 for 50g pack

Method of use:

5 magical steps for a flawless, glowing skin –

  • Cleanser – Clean your face and neck region using cleanser provided.
  • Scrub – Exfoliate the skin using the scrub in gentle circular motion on your face and neck.
  • Cream – Gently apply cream and massage for few minutes. This nourishes your skin.
  • Gel – Apply gel for a soothing effect and natural glow.
  • Face pack – Lastly, apply the face pack to enhance your skin tone and fairer complexion.
  • Wash face with water and pat dry.

Aroma Leaf Facial O+ Stylewhack_BReview:

  • The Aroma Leaf Facial Kits gives you a glowing and flawless skin instantly.
  • It’s herbal, natural and safe to use.
  • Provides radiant skin tone at home. No need to travel to the salon frequently.
  • It deeply penetrates the skin and helps recoup skin charm while enhancing the skin tone.
  • Aroma Leaf O+FAIRERGLO controls skin oil, works for darker skin tones and improves dull and tanned skin.

  • Aroma Leaf GOLDBLISS contains gold dust that ensures instantly lustrous skin and suits all skin types.

  • Aroma Leaf PARTY GLOW illuminates the skin with dazzling glow and suits all skin types.


  • It can be used at home.
  • It deeply cleanses the skin giving you a radiant natural glow.
  • Regains skin charm with a skin whitening effect.
  • Aroma Leaf O+FAIRERGLO is effective to control skin oils.
  • It’s gentle to your skin and is effective for all skin types.
  • It’s an herbal formula, free from harmful chemicals.
  • The facial kits are priced reasonably.
  • Easily available in departmental and retail stores.


  • Aroma leaf PARTY GLOW – Scrub is too soft, doesn’t clean deeply.
  • Aroma leaf O+FAIRERGLO – Facepack takes more than 15 mins to dry.
  • Aroma leaf GOLDBLISS – Facial gel is too sticky.

My verdict:

Overall all facial kit has unique effect on skin and perfect for various occasions! Best one was party glow as it gave a perfect and clear skin!!

Aroma Leaf Facial O+ Stylewhack_COverall these facial kits can work wonders for your skin at home. No need to spend time and money on costly and chemically loaded beauty products.

Go Herbal!! Go Natural!!

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