#ShortStory – Arranged Marriage Set Up to Love One!


My parents had successfully completed their 26 years of arranged marriage. And so, like every typical house, my parents forced me to say ‘Yes’ for an arranged marriage set up. The idea of meeting someone for 10-20 minutes and culling him as life partner always haunted me. How can I be sure that he is the right person in just few minutes? We can’t judge his character from such a short period of time! All these thoughts gripped me tight and rendered in a horrific state.


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Harshit met me in usual arranged marriage set up, “Go, show him our house!” and he opened fire at me with few questions. I replied them all in disgrace. I thought he had mugged up and came for the meet. Within 2-3 minutes, there was complete silence in the room. He then played with his mobile. With my chin down, I just managed to take few glimpses of what he was doing.  Finally, someone called us and we were out of that awkward moment. He and his parents left.

The actual trouble started then. The moment he stepped out, I was brainwashed to say ‘yes’ just because my parents were happy with the way he was, his background and obviously his salary. I felt terrified. Without my consent, my parents decided to go ahead with this and ceremonies began. Finally the date for engagement was decided. After 7 days of first official meet, we were going to get engaged. Everyone seemed to be super busy. We used to have casual small chats and calls, but I never dared to tell him, that I don’t want to marry – a stranger. I could not tell him that I didn’t feel connected to him. He was settled in another city which restricted us from having a second chance to meet.  Things were happening very quickly and I was extremely frustrated with this arranged marriage set up.

Just 4 days before our engagement, my parents met with an accident. I was shattered down. I was in tears and completely devastated. They were rushed to a local hospital by people present on the accident scene. I was helpless. My whole body was shaking and I was experiencing cold feet. I called up my relatives. I managed to keep a calm face but I was broken inside. Soon everyone reached and was with me. Even Harshit came and looked at me. I guess he understood my situation from those red swollen eyes.

He turned up to me and clutched my hand for few seconds. He calmly said, “Don’t panic, I am with you now”. He looked determined. I was bit nervous, it was for the first time he had held my hand. The grip was tight and defined, conveying his concern.

He managed all paperwork required for transferring my parents from one hospital to another. He fought hard to take discharge from the first hospital, as due to their negligence, situation turned critical. I saw him and his angry face. I was clueless on how to react. I remained quite.

He was in the hospital day and night. He treated my parents as his own parents. He took charge of all responsibilities, and mine as well. I was amazed with the little great things he did to me and for my family. I was in tears of happiness. I came to know that, ‘Yes, he was a human being with humanity.

I thanked him for all his help. “Nupoor’’, his voice was firm; he paused for a split second and said, “You are just not a person who is going to get married to me and become my wife but you are everything to me”. “I will be there with you in all ups and downs of our life, believe me!”. He said he wanted to confess something. My heart started to beat fast. He uttered, “Frankly, for the first time I saw you, I was in love with your beauty. It was like, love at first sight” and he laughed, this is bit of Bollywood style. Further he expressed, “I had come to know about my disliking for the arranged marriage set up on the very same day, when you answered me in disgrace”.

“I didn’t want to force you for this marriage but I guess your parents did!” he added. I was speechless for few moments. He asked me, “Are you not ready and comfortable for this marriage?” I was shocked for the moment and didn’t answer. He articulated further, “I can go and have a talk with our families, when things get settled”.  Listening to this I was anxious and I guess my brain had hemorrhage or something for few more seconds. My mind was not working well for that moment.

Harshit was returning back to his city and work. In dilemma, I stopped him. He was looking straight into my eyes. I was nervous and jittery and said “I am here with your answer”. He looked at me. I could see ‘that’ fear of losing me in his eyes. He managed to remain calm. I could feel the excitement and fear about what I going to say in his gesture.

I looked at him, closed my eyes and hugged him tightly.

He came to my answer and I opened my heart out, “Though it was not love at first site for me. But definitely, you have won my heart in just few days. I owe myself to you now”.  And I proposed him for marriage this time and he just nodded and gripped me tight in his arms.


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