Sometimes the world is very cruel. You could be a singing sensation, a top star chef or an intelligent human being. Or you could be all of this and yet not know how to draw a flower. Yet you could be someone’s only hope in life (or not) and yet not know how to make grey out of black. And here’s what your life pretty much feels like without art and craft in it –

You subscribe to DIY art and craft sites and pages

Anybody would feel you are MF Hussain part 2 if they went through your pins on pinterest or the kind of craft videos you shared on facebook. If only they knew, that those pins and posts are to be forwarded to your friends so they can do it for you.

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You need a tutorial for a tutorial

You are a special kind of species who needs to be tutored about a DIY craft tutorial- THRICE. Until every vein and every muscle of your hand doesn’t get used to the pattern, you will get stuck at stage 2 every single time.


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You respect those who can draw a flower

Did you do that flower on your own? How did you manage to colour that without spoiling the outline? Could you teach me too?

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You make sure to have at least one creative best friend

Creative friends who know how to shape a cardboard or mix paints are god’s gift. They are to be very judiciously used during times of birthdays and anniversaries.

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Creating something on your own is like saying no to pizza- you never do it

The moment someone asks you to paint a little red here or draw a tree there, you try to find an excuse to run away from there. It is not very pleasing to hear people laugh at your not-so-happening skills.

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If you do create, it goes for Nobel Prize nominations

If by any chance or by any play of luck you do end up creating something on your own, there is no end to all the bragging that happens post that. You sincerely feel it is best piece of art and the world needs to see it and appreciate it.

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When someone says ‘Challenge’, you say ‘Art’

To not know how to draw a human like stick figure after your fiftieth try is a special kind of hell. Period.

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Do you want to art today?

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