Assure complete health for your V- a complete guide!


As women, we have read endless number of home care tips about so many things. Be it taking care of your hair, remedies for skin problems or what to eat to stay healthy. While we take extra care to know about how to look healthy, we often ignore one essential part of our body that needs utmost care. And that is your vagina, your most private body part. There are somethings that you are doing wrong and then there are also somethings that you need to do right. Here are some special tips on keeping your special ’V’ healthy!


Your vagina is actually an independent entity on its own. It is self-cleaning, but having said that, it is also important to know that there is a certain pH level that you need to maintain for your vagina. Using harsh cleansers can set it all wrong. If you use soap or other cleansing agents, make sure to follow it with a warm water wash.

Benefits Of Bathing With Warm Water healthy-benefits-of-bathing-with-cold-water


Eat your Way to Health!

Yes, you need to eat right for your health and yes you also need to eat right to keep your vagina healthy. Lots of fruits are a must anyway. Additionally, eating adequate quantities of yogurt and garlic helps in keeping your vagina safe from bacteria.

Woman and bottle of yogurt Eating-Fruits-for-Healthy-Skin


Stay Clean During your Periods

Periods is natural and so is the itching and foul smell. Stay clean throughout; change your sanitary pads regularly which can otherwise cause serious infection. Make sure to wash twice a day and visit a doctor if you feel things are going wrong.

female-hygiene vaginasmell2


Pee and Wash After you did ‘IT’

If you have hit the sheets with your partner, you need to hit the washroom soon too. As soon as you have had sex, you must pee to wash out all the bacteria that have travelled their way through. You also need to wash after sex to avoid unnecessary itching and infections.

waxing1 smooth legs


Hoard some Cotton Innerwear

As much as possible, wear 100% cotton panties, preferably in white color. Also, make sure that you always wash your panties and double rinse it to keep infections at bay.


Never Stay Too Long in Wet Clothes

Yeast infections are always a big scare for women. If your clothes get wet, you must change them soon to avoid any sort of infection. Women usually tend to stay in the same clothes even after a workout, which needs to be stopped right away.

05c82bc3a14818ef_blonde-doing-a-push-up.preview 152. How to remove armpit stains from white shirts

Take Extra Care during Hair Removal

If you have decided to shave your pubic hair, there are many ways that you can opt for. You can shave it yourself, but remember patience is the keyword in this case. Make sure to not get any cuts anywhere. You can also go for waxing but choose a good salon that uses safe products to ensure safety.

denver_waxing__39384 bg-wax

Our special recommendation

Here are some recommended products from our end, choose among these products to keep your vagina healthy.


V-Wash – Expert Intimate hygiene


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Clean n Dry – Intimate cleansing foam wash


Clean and Dry – Intimate dusting powder


Abzorb – Clotrimazole dusting powder



So, keep these points in mind, and your vaginal health is sure to be alright!

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