Best Friends for Winter: Astaberry Cocoa Butter Body Lotion and Cold Crème

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Astaberry cocoa butter body lotion and cold crème




Astaberry Cocoa Butter Body Lotion and Cold Crème Combo is a must have in your vanity.

Cold and frosty weather!! Dry and dehydrated skin!! Yes, winters are here!!

We can’t believe winters are already here. Time has flown by so quickly that we have to start worrying about our skin again. Skin problems get aggravated during the winter season and we need to take utmost care for our skin. Dryness, itching, irritation and dehydration become so prevalent at this time of the year. All you need is a good beauty package that provides hydration and nourishment to the skin. So, here we recommend using the Astaberry Cocoa Butter Body Lotion and Cold Crème Combo regimen. The body lotion is enriched with the goodness of almond oil, licorice extracts and bearberry extracts to nourish the skin in dry weathers while the crème is filled with richness of cocoa butter, almond oil and Vitamin E that revitalizes your skin.

Get radiant glowing skin with this amazing beauty product by Astaberry. Don’t fall for the many television promotions that flaunt your screen every now and then. Read our honest opinion about this combo beauty pack and grab yours soon.

Astaberry Combo 1Read our honest review for Astaberry Cocoa Butter Body Lotion and Cold Crème Combo below:

Brand Name: Astaberry

Product: Astaberry Cocoa Butter Body Lotion, Astaberry Cocoa Butter Cold Crème

Packaging: Astaberry Cocoa Butter Body Lotion arrives in a brown bottle and the Cold Crème arrives in a white container with maroon at the top.

Price: The combo pack is priced at ₹99 only.

Ingredients: The body lotion contains almond oil, licorice extracts and bearberry extracts. Cocoa butter, almond oil and Vitamin E are key ingredients of the cold crème.

Method of use: Apply generously on dry skin daily.

  • The Astaberry Cocoa Butter Body Lotion and Cold Crème combo pack is your best friend this winter.
  • It provides complete skin moisturization and nourishment.
  • The body lotion hydrates the skin leaving it soft and nourished while augmenting and improving the skin tone.
  • The cold cream deeply penetrates the skin and effectively delays skin dryness.
  • Herbal product that is safe for your skin.
  • Fights winter harshness and offers soft glowing skin everyday.
  • Cocoa butter and almond oil hydrates the skin and prevents loss of moisture. Vitamin E provides nourishment to the skin. Licorice extracts and bearberry extracts work wonders to hydrate your skin.
Astaberry Combo 3Pros:
  • It has an elegant cocoa essence that pleases you.
  • The cream and body lotion provides complete skin nourishment that you require to combat the harshness of winter.
  • Easily spreadable texture that penetrates deep within the layers of the skin.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • This beauty regimen is ideal for daily use in winters.
  • It has no side effects and is natural.
  • It’s easily available on all leading departmental stores and online portals.
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • You will have to carry two bottles when you travel. However, the effects are worth the space the product combo will take up in your handy!

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Do get yourself a combo pack of Astaberry Cocoa Butter Body Lotion and Cold Crème today. Enjoy rest of the winter with glowing soft, smooth and charming skin.

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