Astrology Predictions 2018 – Know About Rest Of This Amazing Year


Various transit movements of the planets during the year predict one’s life. The Indian Vedic Astrology is based on the Rashi Phal or Moon sign because it’s the Moon that plays a vital role in predicting the life events of the future. Are you ready to check out what your stars predict about life in 2018? Follow our Astrology predictions 2018 post for better knowledge on what you may expect in the upcoming days.

Astrology Predictions 2018

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Astrology Predictions For 2018:

Aries (Mesh)

This is 1st sign of zodiac and Mars is the ruler of this sign. In this year, there can be many good news with some hurdles seen. Astrology predictions at job front, people may create unnecessary stress but luck will be favourable to you. There will be challenges, but you will be able to face and overcome them. For business matters, this year will be much favourable. There can be sudden gains & new opportunities to grow. For financial matters, there is also good news. Your income will be more than your expenses. People looking for marriage, you will get many opportunities & it may get fixed this year. There will be fine tuning between you and your life partner. Overall family life will be good. New friends will come in your life and there will be an increase in your reputation. For students, more gains in studies, if they work hard. Be careful about property dealings & check all the documents before making transactions. There can be minor problems to your health.

Astrology Predictions 2018 Aries
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Taurus (Vrush)

This is the 2nd sign of zodiac and Venus is ruler of this sign. This year will be a year of hard work, though at the end of the year you will get good results. Slow progress is seen in job work with some minor problems. For job seekers, there will be opportunities at beginning and in the end of this year. Astrology predictions states that there will be mixed results for businessmen. If you increase your ability to work hard there will be new deals in business till the end of the year. There are chances of losses & some matters may create anxiety, so be careful in financial transactions. Expenses will be on higher side. Married life will improve with good relations with life partner. Avoid disputes with close friends. Students needs to do hard work for getting results. Be careful about your health as the chances of small diseases are seen.

Astrology Predictions 2018 taurus
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Gemini (Mithun)

This is 3rd sign of zodiac and Mercury is ruler of this sign. This year seems to be giving overall good results especially in matters of finance, love & children. For people doing job, good performance is seen. Job seekers may crack down interviews & get success. Be ready to make a most of as opportunities will be coming on your way. Business growth will slow down initially but will pick up till the year end. Chances of new sources of income coming on your way & luck will be favorable in money matters. Married life will be good and a long-lasting relationship is seen. For unmarried people, there are chances of getting engaged this year. For students, this year is good for higher studies & success in campus interviews. Chances of foreign travel are on cards. Negative points are there can be family disputes, disturbed eating habits & one should be careful while talking. Minor problems to health such as skin infections, body weight gain, etc… are also seen.

Astrology Predictions 2018 Gemini
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Cancer (Kark)

This is 4th sign of zodiac and Moon is ruler of this sign. For these people, this year stress and success both will be there. Good luck is insured at work. For people who are searching for job have bright chances. Working people may get promotions or salary hike & may get rewards too. If you are looking for a change then you can get good package at new job. Also, there are chances of progress in business but relations with partners may get disturbed. Students will get success if they work hard. This year is good for people planning to buy land, property or vehicle. Avoid stretching things as relations with life partner can be stressful. There may be irritation in mind which may lead to delays in work or may get halted. This year you need to control your emotions. Be careful about your health.

Astrology Predictions 2018 cancer
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Leo (Simha)

This is 5th sign of zodiac and Sun is ruler of this sign. Astrology predictions for this year brings you success and relaxation. Your efforts will be in right direction and will get a good job if you are searching. People working on job will have this year better than the last and will have good relations with your leader. You may get rewarded for your hard work done in the past. There are chances of getting good job if you plan to switch. Good chances of progress in current business and you can launch new products or services after October. Students will get success in their higher studies & there are chances of campus placements for those who are looking for job. You should be very careful about investing money into things such as share market as there are chances of losses. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Relations with life partner will get improved and chances of marriage who are searching for bride or groom. Things are positive in health matters. Overall this year is good for you.

Astrology Predictions 2018 leo
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Virgo (Kanya)

This is 6th sign of zodiac and Mercury is ruler of this sign. Overall looks good year with some challenges. You need to be very careful before investing your money. Read all the documents and records before investing. You will get full support from family and will get some good news. There will be mixed results regarding your career and job. There are more chances of getting new job in the beginning of year. Success is slow this year in job but with efforts you can pace up the things. If you are a businessman, your efforts will give results in the end of year, but be careful about your image in the market. Students doing higher studies will get satisfaction in those. There may be chances of failure in love matters or may lead to break-up. Be careful and avoid tensions this year. You need to take care of your health this year especially people who already have sufferings. Property deals can be fruitful.

Astrology Predictions 2018 Virgo
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Libra (Tula)

This is 7th sign of zodiac and Venus is ruler of this sign. This year seems to be good for you. You will receive love from children and luck will favor to you. In career matters, there can be up and downs. You need to be very careful at your workplace & while dealing with people. There are chances of disputes at job place which can lead to anxiety in mind, so avoid these things. New partnerships or collaborations are seen this year if you are doing business. Things will be good at partnership. Your financial things will improve this year and investments may give you good returns. Relations with life partner will be good and married life will improve. In mid of this year, you may receive some good news in family. Your knowledge will improve and students will study with good concentration. Some minor health problems may arise. Traveling will give satisfaction to you.

Astrology Predictions 2018 Libra
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Scorpio (Vrushchik)

This is 8th sign of zodiac and Mars is ruler of this sign. This year seems to be better than last year although Shani-sadhe saati is still there for you. Your energy level and self-confidence will improve this year. If you are looking for job change, then there are many chances of getting a good job. In the same job also you will get new opportunities so put your best efforts. If you are doing a business, there are chances of progress in the 1st half of the year. In financial matters, you will spend money in proper things which will bring returns. After October, there are good chances of marriage if you are looking for it. The relations with life partner will be sweet and matured. In child matters, also there will be good news till the year end. Students will receive good results in study matters also to whom are studying in foreign. Be careful about your health, as there are chances of high blood pressure and some mental tensions are also seen.

Astrology Predictions 2018 Scorpio
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Sagittarius (Dhanu)

This is 9th sign of zodiac and Jupiter is ruler of this sign. This year you need to be careful in every field of life, although there are some chances of support from friends & return on investments. This year you need to put best efforts in career although it may not be so fruitful. Be careful while dealing with people at job place. As there is Shani-sadhe saati for your sign you need to work hard, then only you can expect better results. Chances of salary hike are there. In financial matters, you will receive mixed results. Especially in family matters there can be some money related disputes. Be careful while behaving with life partner and children. At end of this year, you may plan a pilgrim travel. Be careful of your health. Making remedies of Jupiter and Saturn & respecting elder’s will improve the results.

Astrology Predictions 2018 Sagittarius
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Capricorn (Makar)

This is the 10th sign of zodiac and Saturn is the ruler of this sign. It looks there are some challenges but will get good results, especially in career. You can expect good results if you are doing a job. Astrology predictions predicts that there are chances of salary hike and promotions are there. Don’t get irritated and get misguided by your own people. There are chances of foreign travel and it will favour you. In business, be careful as chances of losses from partners and some disputes may happen. This year, there are challenges in new business opportunities so be careful. There can be the misunderstanding with life partner till October. Avoid unnecessary discussions. However, you may receive good news regarding child if you are expecting it. On the health front, you need to be careful, as some mental stress and sleep loss is seen. Overall good year for career growth.

Astrology Predictions 2018 Capricorn

Aquarius (Kumbh)

This is the 11th sign of zodiac and Saturn is the ruler of this sign. Astrology predictions says that overall year of growth and good luck. In job career, there are chances of promotion, increase in respect. New career opportunities on cards. There will be new sources of income. There are chances of small pilgrimages until year end. Financial matters must be dealt carefully as there are chances of hidden enemy try to harm. The investment will also be fruitful to you. In business, also you will have growth & many small gains. This year is much better than last 2-3 years. Students aspiring for foreign studies have their chances bight enough. Married life will be smooth & you will lead a good love life. There are chances of good news for you related to child matters. You need to be careful about your health, mental stress & small accidents. This year seems to bring success for you.

Astrology Predictions 2018 aquarius
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Pieces (Meen)

This is the 12th sign of zodiac and Jupiter is the ruler of this sign. This year is the year of mixed results for you. There are fewer job opportunities especially in the beginning but those will increase till the end after struggles. In business, you will have growth compared to people who are doing a job. In financial matters, you need to be very careful as there can be chances of losses. Things will become better at last quarter of this year. For research work astrology predictions states that this year is very good. For work, you need to travel to foreign lands. There will be up-downs regarding health with less energy in the body. Mutual understanding will be good with a life partner. Remedies of your sign lord Jupiter may prove to be fruitful to get better results.

Astrology Predictions 2018 pieces
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Have a great year ahead!! May these astrology predictions guide you in best interest.

Stay healthy!! Stay happy in 2018!!

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