6 Life Changing Books Every Girl must Read. Just because, books!

There are many blogs that will tell you things you definitely must read, food you must surely eat or dresses you just have to own! How often does someone actually suggest books? Most times we find girls trying to coax a good book name out of somebody. Regardless of what age you are at, there … Read more

Dear world, this generation isn’t afraid of commitment in love and here’s why

How many times have we heard people say, “This generation just cannot stick to commitments” or “These kids have no value for love and relationships”. Let’s just say we beg to differ. Calling us commitment phobics isn’t going to help. It isn’t even making a point because let’s face it, we aren’t afraid of it. … Read more

8 simple ways you can make your girl blush without even saying anything romantic

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5 Best Airbnb rentals in India you absolutely need to rent soon!


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10 super Amazing easy hairstyles for special occasions – Hair Styling Guide

Amazing easy hairstyles for special occasions

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12 Best Home Remedies For Hair Growth and Thickness – Beauty Tips

Best Home Remedies For Hair Growth and Thickness

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How To Develop Good Habits in Child – Important Tips

How to Develop Good Habits in Child

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Easy Tips To Vanish Stubborn Pimple Scars – Natural Remedies


Pimples are a nightmare for girls. They can easily ruin your face and hence make you sad. But what is worse than pimples is the pimple scars or spots. Even if your pimple fades away soon the pimple scars are difficult to vanish. They are very stubborn and can look terrible. Though there are many … Read more