Eye Opening Reasons to Avoid Stale Food! Get Back to Health with Freshly Cooked Food!

stale food

The aspect of healthy eating is in boom and the concept of eat fresh and stay fresh is adopted by many. It is said that, the food should be consumed within 3 hours of cooking. The cooked food is attacked by bacteria at room temperature which is an ideal condition for their growth. The certainty about storing food in refrigerator keeps bacteria at a bay is a misconception. Yes! It is true, that keeping food in refrigerator helps to store food for longer duration but the attack of bacteria is slow down but it is still on. Leftover food refrigerated gets unpleasant and slimy. So stay away from stale food.

Ill effects of Stale Food:

Stale food causes flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea and gas. If the food is contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and virus then food poisoning and illness will make you pay a fat amount in terms of health and wealth too. The waste products from the fungus, yeast, molds and bacteria contains toxins and leads to digestive disorder.

Stale food
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Don’t Make Your Body A Dumping Ground!

The fatty acids from the cooked food get converted into chalk like substance which is not utilized by the body. This substance is generally referred by plumbers as cakes which stick to the kitchen pipes. Our body tries to eliminate this by its natural cleaning mechanism, but the fine particles from this chalky substance gets circulated in the body and choke up the arteries. The deposits of this can also be found near joints as well leading to atherosclerosis.

Likewise starch gets difficult to be digested in body after it being cooked as it gets crystallized into hard to digest element.

Stale food has reduced nutritive value and is full of loaded toxins. So, don’t consume poison each day little by little, opt for freshly cooked food.

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Eat Guilt Free

If you think you are wasting food by not eating the stale and spoiled one, then don’t harm your health. Cook in small proportions required by you and family. Upon guest arrival, the left over quantity can be donated to the needy ones, don’t make it stale and eat for next 4-5 days.

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Healthy and blessed are those people who are being cared with freshly cooked food in each meal. Don’t forget to thank those who take pain to keep you healthy by serving hot and savory food.  

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