Colors! Wonderful Inspiration For Indian Baby Names!

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Colors associate with brightness, positive vibes, happiness, fantasy and vibrancy. This may be the reason why so many parents want to name their children inspired from various colors. Some names that mean colors or define a peculiar color inject a splash of colorful personality and character to your child. Choosing a baby name that’s fun and vibrant can be very exciting. The trend to name your babies with colored meanings is gaining popularity very fast. You may have heard foreign baby names like Amber, Violet, Azure, Scarlet, etc. that are color-inspired; however, this post brings you a list of few Indian color baby names. Name your babies with style and colors!

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Indian Baby Boy Names Inspired From Colors

Born with a colorful personality, these debonair boys should be named after your favorite colors. Here’s a list of Indian baby boy names you can relate to colors.

Aasit: Black stone or not white

Dhaval: A Sanskrit name meaning dazzling white

Kapil: The famous Indian cricketer Kapil Dev has this rocking name. It means reddish brown color

Neel: Calming blue hue

Shadab: Muslim name which means evergreen and fresh

Talveen: The name doesn’t specify a color but means imbued in color. Classy isn’t it?

Rohit: Rohit signifies red color and means “the first rays of the sun” in Sanskrit

Siamak: Silver flame

Ashvad: Black horse

Hem: Gold, Lord Buddha

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Indian Baby Girl Names Inspired From Colors

There are cute and gorgeous baby girl names inspired from colors too. Let’s take a look at some of those that may interest you.

Meena: Precious blue stone or jewel

Aruni: Passionate orange rust hue

Zehba: Muslim girl name meaning Gold

Jumaana: Silver pearl

Ruby:     Red colored gemstone

Shweta: White or Fair complexioned

Iya: Unique huh! The violet flower

Zarqa: Bluish green eyes

Hawra: The one possessing eyes with a marked black and white contrast

Suvarna: Another girl name that refers to golden color

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Which color name you chose for your baby? Surely your want to bring bit of color and life for your little cutie pie with modern Indian color baby names. Parents can be creative while holding a box of crayons and racking their brains to name the baby!



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