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Bachpan – A child’s right touched our hearts for sure. The Stylewhack team went out and asked few of our viewers about their first impression about this short film. The responses which we got were touching, some of them were agitated while others were numb. The reviewers come from diverse backgrounds and represent varied strata of the society, and yet binding them by one common feeling while watching the short film.

Here is what the audience has to say about Bachpan – A Child’s Right:

Maj. (Dr.) Nilesh Patil (Retd.), India
Bachpan Review

“It is prerequisite for a peaceful national and global development that the rights of children and people be respected. In conflict ridden areas in particular, the violation of children leads to the continuation of violation of their rights from generation to generation. Through this short film we are highlighting the condition of downtrodden children”. 

What we all can do??
While the government makes multiple efforts to prevent child labor and impart free education, the role of society is even more important. Individual and society has to resolve that they will not use children as cheap labor and take responsibility of child protection. The privileged community too has to make equal efforts to realize this dream of eradicating child labor and imparting education. Or else, for these unfortunate children – unlike their more privileged counterparts – India will never be the place of dream”.

Nivedita Dravid, USA

Beautifully framed words that take you down the memory lane and striking visuals that give you a reality check. ‘Bachpan’ takes you on an emotional journey bringing forth the harsh reality of the lives of the children living off the streets, crying and cleaning instead of laughing and learning. This poetic short film leaves you teary eyed and brings you face to face with a harsh reality which is often ignored and makes you want to do something about it“.

Bachpan Review Nivedita
Deepa Changrani, India
Bachpan Review

“It was a heart touching short film. As the film proceeded part by part, I got emotional as these moments of childhood are so important for every child. These memories play an important role in our life. The film shows all kinds of kids and their regular thoughts. Bachpan never comes again in our life once we are adult. Bachpan plays an important role in our lives. Some of us have seen lots of happiness in our childhood and some of us have never experienced any of them. The film made me realize to be helpful to those who actually need our valuable time to save and enjoy their Bachpan.”

Sameer Kanegaonkar, India

‘Bachpan’ in a short time of just under 3 minutes makes you go deep into recesses of your emotions, where the usual flow of thoughts in a regular day do not reach. The soft but subtle notes of the flute, with the thought provoking words of the poem beautifully woven with paradoxes on screen all come together to make an impact. At the same time it has an open ending, allowing each viewer to introspect on one’s own rather than forcing the view of the creative team. Of course this issue is very deep and difficult to have a specific answer immediately, so the good part of the short film is it takes a very sensitive curious human approach than a social documentary approach”.

Bachpan Review Sameer

Satyavarapu, India
Shravanthi Bachpan Review

“Listening to this poetry, I’m drawn towards my childhood memories. Though we get lost in thoughts with the poetry, the pictures speak volumes about harsh reality. Many of us may have image of such situations but through this attempt the creative team of ‘Bachpan’ has actually captured the picture. This short film is like a tap on the shoulder showing us the other side of coin ‘Not all children have childhood’. Beautifully done, Kudos and Best Wishes to Girish and team!”

Mounika Mona, USA

“Heart touching poetry with striking visuals subtly portraying the fine lines in the real/present world. Awakens the child in you and drags you back to one’s childhood (brings back the memories), all while depicting the hardships some of the unfortunates have to endure in the most beautiful phase of their lives. The short film shows the blind sidedness and the hypocrisy persisting in the society, which ignores and fails in recognizing the unjust & widespread child labor. No child should be snatched of their childhood that defines their lives. Bachpan short film reveals the necessity in spreading out the awareness on the issue!!”

Makes me say “give’em some sunshine… give’em some rain… give’em another chance… they wanna grow up once again!” 

Bachpan Review Mounika

Sahili Deshpande, India
Sahili Bachpan Review

“A very popular line written by Sant Tukaram ‘Lahanpan dega deva’ is very near and dear to many of us. However the short film ‘Bachpan’ released on this children’s day, brings you the unspoken reality of the childhood, no one would ever dream of. Hunger, thirst, ill health, quarrels, abuses, sexual assault and harassment is something these kids see at a very early age. It brings creeps and jitters when you just imagine about the conditions in which these kids are, even in the 21st century.  We never realize what these kids are going through, what do they learn, feel and think. The short film makes us realize the fact that we ignore or overlook the things which we come across daily. This film definitely has worked as an eye opener, cheers to the team and their work!”

Those were the thoughts of the audience after watching the short film Bachpan – A Child’s Right. If you are moved by the short film too, let us know your feelings right now. Tell us about your views on how we can address this grave issue in the comments below.

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