Badlapur- Movie Review (4.5/5)



Badlapur Poster

Critic’s rating : 4.5/5

Star cast : Varun Dhawan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Huma Qureshi, Yami Gautam, Divya Dutta, Radhika Apte, Vinay Pathak

Director : Sriram Raghavan

Genre : Crime

Running time : 135 minutes

                                                                             “Revenge is a dish best served Cold”

STORY – Raghu (Varun Dhawan) waits for Liak (Nawazuddin), who was rotting in jail for destroying Raghu’s life. Liak and his partner Harman (Vinay Pathak) after committing a robbery end up killing Misha (Yami Gautam) and they manage to run away.


Liak gets captured but maintains his silence on who pulled the trigger. Raghu relocates to a town called Badlapur and plots for revenge, for ‘Revenge is a dish best served Cold.’ He uses Jhimli (Huma) to get his hands on the people responsible for the destruction of his life. The vengeance is not for the faint hearted, but, with such effective story-telling you would be able to identify with every character, even the despicable Liak, whose surprise decision in the end really puts things in perspective.

MOVIE SCAN – A good thriller is one which will keep you on the edge of your seats and has its share of twists and turns and gives you an amazing time at the theatre. A great thriller takes everything to the next level with normal people doing heroic and inhuman things. Sriram Raghavan is in brilliant form with this movie spinning a thrill yarn because no one does it like he does. You are never sure where its headed with him.


Don’t miss the beginning, even if you miss it, you will enjoy the film a lot. Giving away the film’s beginning could be a possible spoiler. So this weekend, you know which movie to go for, right?

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