BARKHAA- Movie Review (2/5)



Critic’s rating – 2/5

Star Cast – Sara Loren, Taaha Shah, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Puneet Issar

Director: Shadaab Mirza

Genre – Romance


“Kya tum mere ghar ki izzat banogi?”


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Plot – Jatin (Taaha Shah) and his parents are introduced in the beginning of the movie taking care of his elder brother Akash (Priyanshu Chatterjee), who is in the I.C.U. battling for his life. Jatin goes for a book launch and is intrigued by the ambiguity of the books storyline. In the efforts of trying to discover the author’s idientity, he keeps hitting blank walls as even the publisher claims no knowledge of the author, telling the book arrived in courier and was published because of its dynamic plot. Thus, the series of memories are finally showed to the audience, introducing Barkhaa (Sara Loren) who has an ardent admirer in Jatin. She is also a bar dancer. Jatin pursues her and convinces her to meet his family. Unfortunately, his family is not happy with the union and a lot of drama ensues with classic line..”Yeh pyaar nahi, naadani hai”. Madhu (Shweta Pandit) is Barkhaa’s closest friend and confidant. Akash is the only one who can make Jatin see sense, and to add to the mystery, Barkhaa also disappears.

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Movie Scan – The golden era of Indian cinema had a lot of these kinds of movies being made. A lot of music and romance and finally the girl would relent and say ‘Yes’. Apparently these girls would have no izzat and live and come up from bad mahauls. Shadaab Mirza makes his directorial debut with Barkhaa and his script is absolutely directionless and vague. The audio score was average, all in all an average passable movie worth your time only if you have absolutely nothing else to do.



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