Bathroom Hacks – Some Quick Tips To Make Your Bathroom Guest Ready!


With the arrival of holidays, our besties and family come to visit our home and add a splash of fun in our life. The incursion of guest brings joy and happiness. Along with the guest, the responsibility of treating them well with 5 star luxury is important, so as to make their short trip memorable for the good deeds. You must try to slash their fuss of bustling to nearby shops for elemental things which we all tend to forget to bag pack and prevents the botch of unpacking and repacking of their baggage for the same. A guest ready bathroom gives a royal retreat while they enjoy a plush stay at your place.

Supply Supernumerary Towels

Yes! This is going to definitely lead you an extra laundry work, but it’s always better to keep them handy and your guest don’t feel shy to ask you for extra ones. Keep dry and fluffy soft towels in the towel rack so that the guest feels “welcomed” with your kindness and ethicality. Keep the hand towels and bath towels in separate section so as to have easy access.

bathroom towel

Refill The Soap Dispenser

Don’t forget to refill the soap dispenser near the wash basin. If you don’t have a stock of liquid soap dispenser, then keep a bar soap with attractive soap dish or refill the liquid soap with a shampoo, the act of cleaning will be achieved successfully.

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Kit Of Bathing Accessories

Prepare a small kit or basket consisting of a razor, shaving cream, after shave lotion, comb, toothbrush and paste, nail filer, nail cutter, bathing soap, pouches of shampoo and conditioners. The bathing kit can be made of traveling sized stuff. Keep a watch on these toiletries to make sure your guest doesn’t run out of stock. Don’t forget to keep a ‘Medical kit’ close by. Hygiene essentials like cotton balls and ear buds should be kept at a convenient place.

bathing access
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Stock Up Tissue Rolls

Keep a stock of toilet rolls in the washroom. Also, you can add cleaning wipes and disinfectant handy to guests, so that if they need it, they don’t have to ask for the same embarrassingly for in-between use at personal level, especially when you have kids along with the guests.

paper roll
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Freshen Up Bathroom

Get rid of ‘Off smell’! The best way to add a refreshing mood in the bathroom is with the air freshener. You can add scented candle in the bathroom, away from the reach of children, so that the mild aroma makes the guest feel mesmerized and comfortable with your esteemed welcome. If the scented candles are not in stock then fresh flowers can be put in the bathroom vase or in the bath tub. A pinch of bath salt will make the bathroom a guest ready pamper zone.

bathroom candles
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Upgrade The Look

The bathroom can be made fancy that too in budget with mere small changes in the bath rug and bathing curtain. These two things can spice up the bathroom area.  Addition of bath rug can make the guest feel special. Removal of junk from the bathroom will make the space look clear and large.

bathroom curtains
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Apart from these things, the most important and basic one is the cleaning of the bathroom. It is obvious to keep the bathroom tidy, free from hair strands and soap residue before the guest arrives. If you always keep the bathroom guest ready, surely you will be appreciated for the inviting and engaging hospitality.


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