In today’s highly competitive world, we have lost our true sense of living and are running behind being best at everything we do! Being mediocre has become a crime and we are cultivating this rat race culture in our younger generations too.

Switch on the tv and we see advertisements of deodorants to win the perfect date, health drinks to make your child perfect, shoes which will make you perfect at your running or masalas that will make the perfect curry! In a world where we are selling perfectionism like a staple food, how difficult it must be it on people who do not want to perfect?

Have we ever thought, ‘What if someone wants to be mediocre and be content in his/her life?’

Life earlier was uncomplicated and people were happy with what they had, the world was content. But as the economies developed, this content world transformed into this mad race where everyone wanted to be numero uno. Let us examine on why it is ok to be mediocre than running behind perfectionism and ruining our mental peace –

Doing what you love without competition
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We are so bound in our competitive world, that we have started weighing our hobbies also with a marking system. Painting used to give you joy and now you have started comparing it with your neighbour and you feel you are no good at it. Since when did hobbies started becoming a competition? Do what you love, even if the world feels you are mediocre at it. What matters is how you feel about your hobby.

Being mediocre gives inner peace
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Wouldn’t it be great to have inner peace once and for all? What do you think is the biggest cause of the stress in our lives? It is the perpetual need to excel at home, work place, with kids, as parents and the innumerous roles we donn in our life. For a moment, settle for being mediocre and see how your life transforms. Maybe just in one role, tell yourself it is fine to be just ‘okay’ here. Try it out once and let us know.

Perfectionism is overrated
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All of us know, no one can be perfect. Whatever we do, how much ever efforts we put ‘being perfect’ is not going to be possible. Perfectionism is overrated and one must draw a line on where to say it quits. You can’t be a perfect parent, a perfect teacher, a perfect boss or a perfect employee. Why to waste energy and time on trying to achieve something which is just an illusion? Remember, it is ok to be mediocre.

Losing out on living a life
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In our quest to not be mediocre, we are losing out on living our lives. How many hours are we spending at work to get that promotion, just because being promoted is the norm irrespective of whether you want to go up the ladder? What about the special moments we missed with our family in order to plan the perfect trip, just because your friend had a perfect holiday planned? Why are we inducing so much stress on our kids for them to get those perfect grades? Are we forgetting to live truly in our quest to being perfect? Think about it!

Just remember, it is ok to be mediocre if you are content with what you are doing. People may call you laid back, people may say you don’t have an ambition in life, people may talk about you being inefficient. What matters in the end is what you want and how you want to lead your life! Think wise and don’t fall prey to the rat race. After all, it is fine to be mediocre!

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She is a dynamic HR, an avid reader, an amateur poet and a natural writer. She is an ardent believer in God and tries to dig up happiness even in the darkest of mines. Join her as she takes you on a joyride called ‘life’.


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