7 Amazing natural ways to fight hairfall – A Real-time Remedy

Hairfall 🙁 Long and beautiful hair is a dream for every woman. No wonder, people all over the world have searched and tried different types of home remedies for hair growth. Moreover, anyone with long and thick hair is seen as healthy as your hair defines your mind and body health. Each of the hair … Read more

5 Ways to Deal with the Bad Hair Day

There is always a bad hair day when we wake up to frizzy, dull and messy hair. We usually avoid the situation by just tying up the hair or making a bun. But, do you know you can cure these problems with some awesome easy ways which will make you say- Ohh! I knew these … Read more

Experts Speaking on the Pros and Cons of Hair Treatments – Get all Doubts Clear

Hair Treatment

Hair treatments!!! Are you confused about it? Read down to and take decision….. Women love their hair and they become extremely over critical when it comes to their hair. That is quite expected, as nobody likes unmanageable hair! Perms, straightening, and coloring are the hair treatments that women usually undergo. They need a dose of … Read more

Tired Of Split Ends: Best in Town Remedy Is Here!

split ends image

Each one of us is tired of split ends which is bothering us day and night. The dull and unhealthy strands irritate the most.  Not do the split ends give a bizarre look to the hair strands but also restrict the growth of the hair strands. Types of Split Ends Velaterapia-“Candle Cutting” The open flame … Read more