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Everybody who drinks wine looks at themselves as connoisseurs. They like to read carefully the wine list at the fancy restaurant, hoping to impress their guests or even their spouse, who gulp down their fruity beverage and wonder why they didn’t like it, considering it was expertly chosen.

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Safely assuming that you are an adult who would like to be the classy wine drinker among the beer guzzlers, there are some things (read: tips) you should know. These are surprisingly easy, though need to be practiced! Read on to find what these reputation saviors are!

  1. Yes, the labels are pretty – read them

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There are wines that read, “table wine” or “California wine”. Some of these can be quite delicious, but there are others that are bland or unbalanced. This is because these wines are made from grapes from a large region, like a state or even a country. Choose wisely!

  1. There’s a reason behind that week-long sale

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Make that two or three. Your favourite adult beverage shop might just be clearing out its old stock at those amazingly low prices. Or, the consumption period of those vintage wines has been passed and they need to be sold quickly.

This does not indicate a bad wine, but it’s something to think about the next time the store down the road has a sale.
  1. Not every sweet tasting wine is a “sweet wine” 
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Some wines are fruity, which have tropical fruits and honeysuckle. These tend to leave a crisp and clean taste in the mouth. The actual sweet wines are more syrupy, exhibiting sweetness. Understand this all-important distinction and know which one to ask for the next time! 

  1. Choose pairings that are easy

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There are generally two types of wine-and-food pairings: complementary and contrasting. Most people tend to dive for the complementary. Remember this simple rule – light for light and rich for rich. For example, red meats and cheese go very well with red wines, while chicken and seafood need crisp white wines.

  1. Still in doubt? Choose a rose

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A rosé is not a red wine, even though it has color (from the grape skins). The crisp, dry flavours of this wine accentuate most dishes with their acidity and effervescence.

Never again be caught unaware at a fancy meal, having to fumble for your drink. Order your own wine, and flaunt your knowledge! It’s time to be classy!

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