Inspire Your Own Belly Art With Amazing Belly Painting Projects

belly art

I bet you have seen these pictures in reality!! If not, you definitely need to take a look at them. Nothing in the world is as beautiful as a large baby bump. No matter how you think of getting your belly painted with these artsy designs, you’ll be the amongst those to copy the hottest trend after celebrity Sara Blakely. These designs are very petty, fascinating and you’ll want to try one soon! Readers will have fun painting the pregnancy bumps inspite of the discomforts and aches during the term. Mothers can have a little bub to them, be creative and fun-loving during pregnancy. Ask your hubby to get involved in this fun or get an experts appointment to paint your belly.

Here are 20 amazing belly art inspirations for you!!

#1 Painted belly airplane Boeing 747 or commonly called ‘Jumbo Jet’ looks awesome on the large baby bump.

belly art 13
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#2 Are you in love with ball games?

belly art 2
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#3 The countdown has begun!! Relax and have fun during these loooong 9 months.

belly art 4
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#4 This zipper baby painted on the bump looks so cute! The footprints alongside are remarkable.

belly art 6
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#5 Get your belly painted with a watermelon if you are 40 weeks pregnant. Have fun photoshooting!

belly art 1
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#6 Let your baby have fun playing with words!!

belly art 15
Image source

#7 The beautiful butterfly angel is a mark of birth and transformation. The colorful art looks exotic.

belly art 7
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#8 Get inspired with these celeb pregnancy belly art! Kinder surprise can be a great artwork for gender revealing parties too!

belly art 11
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#9 Nomnomnom!! Pretend to feed your monster baby with this uber-cute artwork.

belly art 8
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#10 Halloween special – pumpkin painted belly can get you straight to the festive mood. Jack-O-Lantern on your baby bump looks real fun.

belly art 5
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#11 Start enforcing positive thoughts in your children quite early. Or write a heartfelt message on your large tummy, capture the moment in your camera and show it to your little on when he’s of appropriate age.

belly art 14
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#12 Mom and baby in the moon!! What a lovely artwork is this, don’t you agree?

belly art 12
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#13 Be bold and fashionable with this fierce tiger belly art.

belly art 18
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#14 It’s a girl or boy or both?

belly art 19
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#15 A superman painting can look cool on you tummy.

belly art 17
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#16 Express your excitement while waiting for the arrival of your bundle of joy through this wonderful painting.

belly art 3
Image source

#17 This super cute stork painted baby bump is worth a watch! Elegant, isn’t it?

belly art 16
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#18 Many a time pregnancy cravings can run a gamut – from spicy to sweet to sour and even bitter! Savor your sweet tooth with yummy cupcakes!

belly art 10
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#19 Your baby is popping out of the egg! Are you ready?

belly art 9
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#20 A floral piece on your stomach can give you a refreshed and rejuvenated feeling.

belly art 20
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Show off your gorgeous baby bump with exclusive artworks!!

Do comment about your belly masterpiece below!!

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