Bengaluru – A dead city in 5 years (A warning bell)


Unceasing urbanization, uncontrollable population and invasive real estate growth have made a disastrous impact on one of the most famous city in India – Bengaluru! According to the recent study conducted at Indian Institute of Science (IISC), there has been 525% growth in built-up area in the last 40 years which corresponds to 78% decline in vegetation and almost same percentage decline in water bodies.

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City Of Lakes

India’s technological capital is in danger. The city has been always liked for its pleasant weather and enthralling lakes all around. But, unfortunately today, the disappearance of these lakes because of urban growth in the name of development has led to infelicitous changes in the ecosystem of this city. Prof T V Ramachandran (Center for Ecological Sciences, IISC) refers to this as ‘Senseless Growth.’ In the Interview with Deccan Herald, Prof brings out his concern for the city saying, “What’s the point earning better when the food you eat is adulterated? As a result of unplanned urbanization Bengaluru is going to be an unlivable and dead city in the next five years.”

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3000 feet above the sea level Bangalore has no rivers but over 700 small and big lakes had been a major source of water and had kept the city amiable and green. Now, River Cauvery which flows 100 kilometers away from the city have become the major water source instead. If it dries up, which seems very likely to happen soon, Bengaluru will turn into a desert!

Silicon Valley

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Bengaluru’s population in 2001 was around 5.1 million and in 2011 around 8.4 million. The present population is above 11.5 million. With this rapid growth rate, Bengaluru has occupied the third position among the most populous cities of India after Mumbai and Delhi. One of the major reasons for this growth is its cosmopolitan nature and suitable climate. Bengaluru being a major IT hub attracts millions of people from all over to settle in the Silicon Valley permanently. But the major problem with Bengaluru is the city was never planned to accommodate this huge population ever!

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Many are blaming Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) for the Bengaluru’s crisis today. Urban expert Ashwin Mahesh says, “BDA has become an agency which facilitates land deals for the benefit of corrupt politicians. People feel it should be closed down immediately.”

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Once Bangalore was a city of lakes, a beautiful place and today one would be surprised to see nothing else other than traffic, pollution, garbage, skyscrapers, edifices, and overloaded local BMTC buses. This recent study at IISC should be a warning bell to all of us because very soon every other Cosmopolitan city would be on the stake of demolition too, if we all continue to misuse our priceless natural resources the way we are doing it right now.

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