10 Best Bonnet Hair Dryer 2020: Soft & hard Hooded hair dryer review

Looking for the best bonnet hair dryer in 2020? Read on.

Does your arm get tired using a blow dryer? Does the high temperature damage your tresses? Have you touched your hair during lunchtime and found the still wet?

The solution to the hair drying problem is the best bonnet hair dryer technology available in the market.

Bonnet hair dryers offer multifunctional use in terms of hairstyling and drying. The innovative ionic technology keeps the hair safe from damage. For a long time, these products were used only at salons, but now they are easily available for everyone.

We have listed the best bonnet hair dryers and their reviews so you can make your choice. The reviews are followed by a buying guide.

Rank PRODUCT NAME Check Price
1 Professional Salon Hand Bonnet Hair Dryer By Ovente View Product
2 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer, Purple with White Bonnet By Laila Ali View Product
3 Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer By Conair View Product
4 Salon Dryer with Casters 1100W By Pibbs View Product
5 Professional Ionic Stand Bonnet Dryer By Gold N Hot View Product
6 Salon Ionic Dryer, Purple and Black By Laila Ali View Product
7 Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer By Hot Tools View Product
8 Ionic Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer, Black By Andis View Product
9 Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment Softhood By Hair Flair View Product
10 Hooded Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer Stand Up Rolling Base By Nova View Product

Best Bonnet Hair Dryer 2020

Like most of the hair care tools and products, there are many brands and specifications to consider before buying the best bonnet hair dryer. There are two types of the bonnet or hooded hair dryerssoft bonnet and hard. While both have their pros and cons, they are the best to serve the purpose (hair drying).

Before we reveal the benefits of bonnet hairdryer and the buying guide for 2020, let’s get these 10 products etched in your mind first. We have selected the best brands and designs that offer the best combination of value for money and high-end features to personal or professional use.

Here are the best bonnet hair dryers on the market:

1. Ovente 3 Speed HDS223W High-End Hooded Hair Dryer

OVENTE Professional Ionic 3-Speed Hair Dryer

First, on our list of best bonnet hair is the Ovente 3 Speed HDS223W dryer can be used in professional salons. The bonnet hair dryer features three different speed settings and an additional 60-minute timer.

It is used to dry out your hair evenly using the adjustable temperature setting. It consists of a five rolling wheel stand that makes it easy to move from station to station. The dryer takes longer to heat up and the fan might end up drying your hair before heat does.

  • Easy to use
  • Offers good mobility with its 5 roller wheels feature
  • Excellent durability
  • Affordable price

  • The unit takes longer to heat up
  • Hair might occasionally get trapped in the fan

2. Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

Ionic! This is what we call the Laila Ali soft bonnet dryer. This means that the hairdryer is infused with negative ions. The negative ions are known to dry hair faster using lesser heat. Thus it dries your hair without damaging the cuticles. The ionic dryers have a moisturizing effect on hair. It is a soft bonnet hair dryer with three heat settings and a cool setting to wet set your hair. It is the best bonnet hair dryer for deep conditioning too.

  • The latest ionic technology dries hair quickly
  • Helps style hair beautifully
  • Great tool for deep conditioning
  • Soft hood with ready to go sleek container

  • Slightly expensive compared to others on the list
  • Gets very hot over time

3. Conair Pro Style HH320LR -Best Bonnet Hair Dryer For Travel

Conair Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer

The Conair HH320LR is compact and easy to carry from one location to another. It goes easy on your pocket too. The body is designed from plastic material that makes the machine light and offers great mobility around the salon. However, the durability factor tends to decrease.

It features a space-saving design and can be stacked up in any corner of the room. The bonnet can be disassembled to make it easier to carry for travels. The design has a large hood to accommodate big rollers. It is suitable for home or travel use but we won’t recommend it for salons.

  • Portable and space-saver
  • Travel-friendly design
  • Affordable price
  • Accommodates jumbo rollers

  • Not durable
  • Heat settings cannot be adjusted

4. Pibbs 514 Professional Hooded Hair Dryer

Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri 1100W Salon Dryer with Casters

It is a top-quality high-end Italian hair dryer designed for professional use. The Pibbs 514 operates on an 1100W power output. It is built using industrial-grade materials, offering great durability.

It comes with a fully height adjustable stand and dryer head visor. Thus it can also accommodate children. The stylish design is sure to please your customers. It has different settings for heat and speed too.

  • High-end quality, Italian made dryer
  • Suits all customers – children to adults
  • Great durability
  • 60-minute timer feature and temperature control dial given
  • Heats up instantly

  • Quite large and heavy model
  • Very expensive

5. Gold ‘N Hot Elite 1053 Bonnet Hair Dryer

Gold N Hot Professional 1875W Ionic Stand Bonnet Dryer

The Gold ‘N Hot Elite 1053 is the best bonnet hair dryer in the market for professional use. It is reasonably priced making it affordable enough for personal use at home. The dryer is designed with top quality materials and has a powerful hood.

It features a 4 styling setting that enables you to play around with hairstyling. This dryer has a tall stand with wheels to offer mobility from station to station in the salon. It is built with the ionic technology that preserves moisture and keeps the hair from burning inside.

  • Includes 4 styling settings
  • Comes with an adjustable height stand
  • Affordable price
  • Offers mobility for salon use
  • High-end ionic technology

  • Heavy design

6. Laila Ali LADR5603 Hooded Hair Dryer

Laila Ali LADR5603 Salon Ionic Dryer

Laila Ali brings the best hair dryers in this range. Whether you choose soft or hard bonnet dryer, you must grab one of their products. The LADR5603 is a smaller and cost-effective hair dryer you can find in the market. The design is one of its best features; you can fold and keep it at the side when not in use. This makes it perfect for personal use at home.

  • Accommodates jumbo rollers and curlers
  • Easy to use and simple to set up
  • Affordable price
  • Ionic drying technology
  • Heats up quickly

  • Recommended for use at home because the quality doesn’t match professional standards
  • Inconsistent heating on all settings
  • Noisy machine
  • Lacks a large stand so you’ll need an extra table or stand close by to keep the dryer upright

7. Hot Tools Professional 800 Watt Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Hot Tools Professional 800 Watt Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Hot Tools Professional brings another travel-friendly hair dryer you must buy this year. It works great for curly hair. The ionic technology helps to keep your curls moisturized and reduces frizz considerably. It heats up quickly and dries hair faster. The bonnet is stored in a compartment with an electric cord.

  • Accommodates jumbo rollers and curlers
  • Easy to use and simple to set up
  • Affordable price
  • Ionic drying technology
  • Heats up quickly

  • Slightly expensive than other brands
  • Heavy to carry around

8. Andis 500W Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer (80610)

Andis (80610) 500-Watt Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer

The Andis 500-watt soft bonnet hair dryer is compact and looks luxurious. It is priced average and be used in the salons as well as home. Andis professional dryer is one notch high from a brand like Conair and Laila Ali.

The dryer comes with two temperature settings, medium and low. The hood is adjustable which ensures even drying. The hose, bonnet, and the electric cord are closed within a compact case.

  • Ionic drying to dry hair faster
  • 40-inch flexible hose allows movement during the drying process
  • Looks professional and stylish
  • Good for thick and curly hair

  • Small bonnet size cannot hold rollers
  • Hose frequently pops off

9. Hair Flair Soft hood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment

Softhood Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment Hair Flair Deluxe

Looking for the most travel-friendly hair dryer? Try the Hair Flair bonnet attachment. It takes up petite space which de-clutters your room. All you need is a blow dryer suitable for all hair types and you can fix this attachment right away. The hood has many tiny holes to dry hair evenly. It is large enough for accommodating curlers.

  • Ultra-mobile and compact design
  • Travel-friendly
  • Easy setup and cleanup
  • Cheapest bonnet dryer available
  • Accommodates curlers

  • Needs a separate hair dryer

10. Professional 1300W Adjustable Hooded Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer

Professional 1300W Adjustable Hooded Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer

This hair dryer comes with a progressive rotary backflow design that dries hair quickly. The design consists of durable industrial materials that heat up instantly. A multi-bladed fan provides quiet drying process.

It is the best bonnet hair dryer for coloring hair, curling, deep conditioning, and other hair treatment and styling. The dryer has a 60-minute timer and adjustable temperature control settings.

  • Hinged hood door accommodates large curlers
  • Swivel hood design
  • Height adjustable knob

  • Requires pre-heating the device for 30-40 minutes to see the results

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Why You Should Use a Bonnet Hair Dryer?

Bonnet hair dryers save you time and energy to dry your hair. Here is why you should prefer a hooded hair dryer as compared to hand-held blow dryers:

  • They are relaxing and frees up your hands to either get a relaxing manicure with LED Nail Lamp or read your favorite magazine.
  • It deep conditions your hair as the ionic technology retains moisture within shafts.
  • These dryers distribute heat evenly and prevent hair damage.
  • Speeds up the hair drying process
  • It can be used to work up a quick wet set hairstyle with rollers or curlers.

Buying Guide For Bonnet Hair Dryer

Here is what to look for when you go shopping or order a bonnet dryer online:

  • Bonnet size: If you intend to use rollers and curlers opt for a large hooded dryer to wet style your hair. Also, ensure the bonnet has an anti-staining layer to protect against chemicals in dyes and perms.
  • Temperature settings: Choose a brand that provides multiple heat settings. This helps to tune the temperature for different hair types.
  • Key features: Look for ionic technology, variable speeds, portability and mobility, height adjustment level, and cool shot setting to pick the perfect hair dryer for you.

So which type of bonnet hair dryer would you pick?

Think about your personal preferences, type of use, hair types, and more before you purchase one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hooded hair dryer for natural hair?

Hooded dryers are manufactured to cater to natural hair and treated hair. Here are the best hooded hair dryers for natural hair:
• Laila Ali Hard Bonnet Salon Hair Dryer
• Andis Ionic Bonnet Hair Dryer
• Gold n Hot Jet Bonnet Dryer Attachment
• Conair SB1XR Soft Bonnet Dryer
• ION™ 1875W Salon Style Hard Bonnet Dryer
• CONAIR Infiniti Pro Gold Series Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Is a bonnet dryer bad for hair?

Yes, a bonnet dryer takes longer to dry hair compared to a blow dryer. But the result tends to be less damaging if followed proper hair care process. The damp hair should be coated with a heat protection spray and wrapped into rollers before you sit under the bonnet dryer. Set the heat settings to slow and the damage due to drying will be non-existent.

How long do you sit under a hair dryer for deep conditioning?

Heat increases the amount of conditioner that is absorbed into the hair shafts. Experts recommend sitting under the dryer for 20-30 minutes at 95 oF for best deep conditioning effects. It is not compulsory to use heat to deep condition. You can wrap a plastic cap around the hair and continue with your regular thing. The choice remains yours.

How long do you sit under the dryer for color?

Haircare experts suggest a 30 minute or lesser period to dry your color-treated hair in a bonnet dryer. Remember not to extend this duration as your hair might get dryer and color will fade.

What is the purpose of a hair bonnet?

Hair bonnets are a form of head or hood covering used to protect the hair. Wearing a hair bonnet at night helps to prevent friction with the pillow. This reduces frizz and tangles you wake up with and thus helps to keep hair more manageable.

How can I make my hair dryer quieter?

Small hair dryers have a small motor and fan blades to keep the size of the dryer compact. To dry hair the fan must spin very fast. This results in noise. You may experiment by modifying a hair dryer by placing it in a soundproof case with long outlet and inlet hoses and baffles. Alternatively, opt for quiet hair dryers available in the market.

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