#ShortStory – Best Friends Not Forever – Part 2


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Krishna and Twinkle were inseparable friends right since kindergarten. They had not only studied in the same school, same tuition classes and same college, but also worked at the same hotel and went to the same gym. While Krishna was the Front Office Manager, Twinkle was the famous lady bartender at Dennaz five star hotel.

“I’m done for the day,” Twinkle sounded exhausted and quickly wore her warm jacket, “Drag?” she chuckled as she puffed on her cigarette as if it was the last one on the planet.

“I don’t understand why you repeatedly ask me the same question even though I don’t smoke,” Krishna scowled.

“You know, I’m the man in our friendship!” Twinkle chortled as Krishna stuck out his tongue at her. “You don’t smoke, you don’t drink, you eat only eggs and lean chicken…what a boring life!”

“I have 18 inches biceps, six pack abs and a sculpted body. My bestie on the other hand is an alcoholic fatty,” it was Krishna’s turn to burst out laughing as Twinkle turned red.

“I’m not fat!!” she sulked and puffed the smoke on his face. “Men die to sleep with me.”

“Stupid men who don’t understand the difference between curves and hippo!” Krishna chuckled as Twinkle chased him around the smoking zone. “Agreed, you are booooobalicious, but a guy like me will never even look at you!”

“I don’t even need your attention, you kiddo!” Twinkle sulked and offered him Dairy Milk Silk.

“Will pass, I’m on a strict diet,” Krishna flashed his charming smile. “I have a modeling assignment next month.”

“You didn’t tell me about it!” Twinkle looked stunned.

“You were moping about your break up with that loser…”

“Let’s change the topic,” Twinkle suddenly looked distressed.

“You okay?” Krishna slipped his arms around her as she shivered slightly.

“Let’s go home before it starts raining,” Twinkle said abruptly.

“You never told me why you broke up with that son-of-a-bitch.”

“There is no reason for name calling,” Twinkle whispered as she missed her ex-boyfriend.

“Come on, since we were kids you have always shared everything with me!” Krishna rubbed her palms. “Even about PMS and periods…which honestly I never desired to know.”

“I need to look for another best friend,” Twinkle punched him playfully and tried to change the subject. “You know way too much about me.”

“Good riddance.” Krishna grinned.

“Oh, come on!” Twinkle rolled her eyes. “You can’t live without me. Even though you’re married, Reema doesn’t know half of the things about you that I do! You can’t even have a normal day without meeting me!”

“That is because you’re my chaddi buddy hippo…Ouchhhh…” Krishna groaned as Twinkle pulled his curly hair. “Now tell me about that loser….sorry….Dev….before I beat the life out of him.”

“Don’t you dare,” Twinkle flared at him.

“So, you’re still carrying a torch for him,” Krishna mumbled. “Hmm..Spill the beans. Maybe I can help…You were pretty serious about him….”

“Not today, Kris,” Twinkle started his bike and wore his helmet commanding to Kris, “I will drive..”

“We aren’t going anywhere unless you tell me what happened,” Krishna said stubbornly.

“Treat me with a bottle of Jack Daniels and I’m all yours for the entire night,” Twinkle grinned from ear to ear. “Only Mr JD can help me to talk right now.”

“Not fair! It’s month end!” Krishna complained even though he checked his wallet for cash. “Let’s go. Consider this as my birthday treat.”

“I’m stuck with a miser friend,” Twinkle chortled as Krishna pouted like a kid.

Soon they were heading towards Twinkle’s place with the booze, chips and few chocolates. Within minutes Twinkle had finished her first peg and she smiled at Krishna as if he was a cute, new born baby.

“You talk like a maniac once you’re boozed!” Krishna switched on the television so Twinkle’s loud laughter wouldn’t disturb the neighbors. “Now tell me exactly what happened between the two of you.”

“Nothing,” Twinkle shrugged.

“Nothing!” Krishna looked at her annoyed. “I bought that expensive drink for you so…..”

“Shhhhh…..Stop talking Mumma’s boy!” Twinkle stretched on her couch ready to sleep.

“Don’t you dare go off to sleep without telling me the truth!” Krishna glowered at his friend. “And for the record I’m not Mumma’s boy!”

“Right!” Twinkle giggled. “You’re Reema’s man.”

“I’m leaving,” Krishna rolled his eyes. “I don’t think you’re in a condition to speak and Reema will reach home from office in sometime. She freaks out if I come late.”

“Shut up!” Twinkle pulled him on the couch. “Don’t underestimate the power of JD! I can speakkkk with you all night.”

“Your time starts now,” Krishna looked at her seriously. “I will push off in fifteen minutes.”

Twinkle looked at him gravely as she had trouble swallowing the persistent lump in her throat and she knew she would burst in tears if she spoke about Dev. She was still crazily in love with him, but his condition was unrealistic, so she had no option but to part ways.

“He was insecure about our friendship,” Twinkle mumbled.

***Next part of the short story will be published on 24-Jan-2016. Stay tuned!

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