22 Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes That You’ll Adore In 2020

Its festive time! Christmas is around the corner. Are you looking around for new hair color? Picking out a charming new hair color is such a daunting task. There are hundreds of shades and tints to choose from; how to decide which one looks best on you? Every individual has a different skin tone that becomes a deciding factor for choosing your hair color. The twist comes in when you have to match hair color both with your eyes and complexion. In this article, we give you a fashion guide for choosing the right hair color based on your skin tones and undertones. Now it’s up to you to pick the best hair color for hazel eyes.

Hazel colored eyes are very versatile, dynamic, and beautiful. It is a mix of green, blue, brown, and gold flecks which makes it a compliment for a variety of hair colors. Consider yourself lucky if you have hazel toned eyes; your blue, brown- and black-eyed peers will definitely covet them.

Know Your Complexion And Undertones

The undertones of your skin are a determining factor to choose a hair color that pops your eyes. Most often women with hazel eyes have fair to ivory to medium to olive skin tones. Your skin can range amongst various shades from light to dark; it is really the undertones that matter more. You can have cool, warm or neutral skin undertones.

To figure out your skin undertone take a piece of gold or silver jewelry and put it against your face and check which looks better. If you can rock with the silver tint you probably have cool undertones; on the other hand, if you shine with gold, you have warm undertones. Can’t tell whether it’s gold or silver that complements your complexion? Then you are neutral-toned.

Another way to find out the skin undertone is to check the color of your veins. While you’re out in the sun if the color of your veins is purplish or blue, you are cool-toned. If the veins appear green, you are warm-toned. If neither is applicable you may be neutral-toned or as olive skin.

Best Hair Colors Complementing Hazel Eyes

Do you have bejeweled hazel eyes? What should you do to find the best hair color for hazel eyes? Spend some time studying your eyes and skin undertone in the mirror. Pinpoint all the hints and tints of colors that dazzle in your eyes. Here are some expert tips to guide you to choose the best hair color for hazel eyes.

  • Cool hair colors like platinum blonde, ash blonde and brown, silver, blue, green, and black help to accentuate hazel green eyes.
  • Select warm hair colors like burgundy, berry tones, deep reds, auburn, black, warm and deep browns, and dark golden or caramel blondes emphasize the gold flecks in your hazel eyes.
  • The warm brown-tinted hazel eyes pull off hair colors like rich yellow, bright reds, and deep browns

Are you looking for a change in the color of your locks in 2020? Do you really want the best hair color for your bewitching hazel eyes? Here are some great ideas that you might like for your next makeover.

Here are the 22 best hair color for hazel eyes 2020

Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes And Fair Warm-Toned Skin

A myriad of hair colors from light blondes to dark browns look good on people with hazel eyes and warm-toned fair skin.

1. Hazel Eyes With Silvery Lavender Hair

The lavender hair color with a cool silvery tone perfectly complements the bright, fair complexion and hazel eyes. Isn’t it a stunning hair color?

Best hair color for hazel eyes - lavender
Image courtesy: Style Easily

2. Rich Chocolate Browns

Warm skin undertones pair beautifully with rich chocolate and chestnut brown hair colors. If you have more golden specks in your eyes brown will flatter your hazel eyes and complexion.

3. Summer Blonde

It’s recommended to stay in the range of your natural hair tone. You can opt for a preppy golden or bleach blonde hair tone with warm highlights to complement your green hazel eyes.

4. Auburn Hairdo For Hazel Eyes

Deeper tones of red embark beautifully on your fair and warm skin tone and bring out the green shades of your hazel eyes.

Other shades that pep up your hazel eyes with fair warm-toned complexion are –

  • Caramel blonde to brown ombre
  • Pastel pink and lilac shades
  • Dark mahogany, burgundy or cherry brown hues
Image courtesy: Be Trendsetter

What Hair Colors Should You Avoid:

  • You must avoid ash browns hair dye as they make your skin look washed out.
  • Avoid cool colors like platinum blonde, strawberry blond or butterscotch blondes.
  • Women with fair warm-toned skin should stay away from black hair color.
  • Hair dyes from the blue and green family do not pair well with warm skin undertones.

Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes And Fair Cool-Toned Skin

The combination of fair cool-toned skin and hazel eyes can let you pull off a variety of hair dyes. The shades from the lightest blonde to black look stunning on this skin tone.

1. Black Hair Is Beauty

Darker hues of black create a beautiful contrast to bring out the gold and green flecks in hazel eyes. They are an excellent option for women with fair cool undertones.

2. Electric Blue Ombre

Blue and hazel go hand in hand. If you have shards of grey or blue in your hazel mix, go with an electric blue or blue-green combination. It’s perfect!

blue hair and hazel eyes
Image courtesy: Hairstyle Camp

3. Coppery Brown Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes

Large coppery brown ringlets are still in vogue if you want to complement them with your amazing hazel orbs.

4. Cool Platinum Blonde Tones

Pale skin and hazel eyes make a beautiful contrast! You’ll look stunning on blending light platinum hue with a straight bob hairdo.

What Hair Colors To Avoid

  • Red-tinted colors make your face look blotchy if you have cool undertones. Avoid them.
  • Shades of orange, golden or strawberry or caramel blonde don’t pair well with this type of skin tone.
  • Gold-based brown hair colors don’t complement cool skin tones.

Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes And Olive Skin Tone

Do you really have this combination of iris and complexion? Lucky you! This is the most coveted combination that can pull off any hair color. Here are the best hair color for hazel eyes and olive skin tone.

1. Classy Coffee Brown Tint

Dare to try darker shades of brown; they go well with olive skin. Darker browns will highlight the greens in your eyes.

2. Purple And Blonde Dual Tone Hair Color

Pick two shades – purple and blonde – to suit your olive skin tone and hazel eyes. It looks unique and attention-grabbing.

Purple Tips With Highlights
Image courtesy: We Hear It

3. Mesmerizing Red Touch

Most shades of red blend well with olive skin tone. Complement your hazel eyes with deeper shades of red like cherry browns, burgundy, or auburn.

Other hair colors that suit this skin and eye color are –

  • Rich black
  • Golden to platinum blonde
  • Bold blue highlights or dip-dye setting

What Hair Colors To Avoid

  • Avoid light ash browns and sandy blonde shades.
  • Orange-tinted hair color might be too close to your skin color.

Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes And Cool-Toned Tan Skin

Hazel eyes standout on tanned skin tones. Let’s find out which hair color looks best here.

1. Chic Buttery Blonde Hair

Yellow-based shades of blonde look amazing on cool-toned tan skin. Keep things simple and sophisticated to highlight your hazel eyes.

2. Romantic Burgundy Hue

Spice up your life with this stunning red hue – burgundy! It works best to emphasize hazel eyes and tan skin tone.

Image courtesy: Hair Motive

3. Ash Blonde Contrast

Such a stunning contrast of hair dye and eye color will make you stand out in the crowd.

4. Attention-Grabbing Browns

Deep brown shades like copper, coffee, caramel, chestnut, or dark browns are surefire colors to bring out the brown and gold flecks in your hazel eyes.

What Hair Colors To Avoid

  • Avoid all shades with an orange tint
  • Shades of brown might blend in your skin and look unattractive.

Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes And Warm-Toned Tan Skin

Your skin has yellow undertones and your eye emphasizes more of browns in the unique hazel mix. This combination makes a classic base for dark and warm hair dyes.

1. Subtle Baby Lights

If you have warm brunette hair, warm-toned skin, and warm hazel eyes, keeping your hair in natural brown hue is best to start off. Try brown baby light hair color.

2. Deep Cherry Red

Hazel-eyes beauty can pull off the deep cherry red hair color fabulously. Other shades of red can look equally appealing on warm-toned tan skin.

3. Pink and Brown Locks

Warm-toned skin can bring out your inner playfulness to match your hazel eyes and subtle pink hair tone. Go for dip-dye effect or highlights to pull off the trendy dual-toned look.

Pink hair for hazel eyes
Image courtesy: Pinterest

4. Little Ginger Hair Color For Hazel Eyes

Brassy red tones also work great with this skin and eye combination. The gingery orange shade brings out the gold flakes in your eyes. Believe us you won’t regret it.

Other best hair color for hazel eyes and warm-toned tan skin are –

  • Brown highlights
  • Sandy blonde to caramel blond hues

What Hair Colors To Avoid

  • Platinum and buttery blondes are a big no-no. They create a disagreeable contrast with your warm skin tone.
  • Avoid blue and purple-based colors.

Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Dark Skin Tone

1. Fuchsia Pink Highlights On Brunette Hair

Subtle fuchsia highlights with brunette hair color go well with dark skin tones. Keep it minimal to steal the show.

2. Granny Gray Hair Tone

Bold gray hair tone creates a beautiful contrast to complement black women with hazel eyes.

3. Gorgeous Ash Brown Hues

A warm bright hair color pulls off a classy and chic appeal for women with a darker complexion and hazel eyes. It brings out the browns and golden shards in your eyes.

Image courtesy: Gmi Space

Other hair colors that suit this skin and eye color are –

  • Natural black hair color
  • Bold blue and purple shades
  • Vibrant shades of red
  • Darker blonde tones and ombre

What Hair Colors To Avoid

  • Very light lilac or pastel shades.
  • Green and orange-based hair colors.

Bejewel your looks with this stunning hair color range. Hope you liked our guide for choosing the right hair color that matches your skin tone and goes with your hazel eyes.

What do you think of the best hair color for hazel eyes? Drop in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is skin color crucial to choose your hair dye?

Yes, skin complexion and undertones play a crucial role in choosing the hair color. It is largely up to yourskin undertones to determine the best hair color that accentuates the look of your eyes.

How to make your eye color pop with the shade of tresses?

The hair color that fits the shades of your iris and matches to your skin color will look out-standing on you. If you’re cool-tones, shades of red or browns can make your hazel eyes sparkle. If you’re warm-toned, select for platinum and ash-blonde shades to rock your appearance. Neutral-toned women can pull off any hair color from medium blondes to deep reds.

How should I highlight my hair?

The concept that opposites attract is well known to us. With warm skin tones, you have the liberty to opt for cooler hair highlights for a calming effect. However, cool-toned people can add vibrant warm hues of highlighting for an enchanting look.

What is the rarest eye color?

Amber eye color is considered as the most unusual color for eyes. However, a few believe that green eye color is the rarest of all. Thus, it’s safe to count both green and amber eye colors as the rarest eye colors in the world.

Are hazel eyes green or brown?

Hazel eyes have a mix of green, gold, blue and brown shades. For some individuals, hazel eyes may appear to change tints from grey to green to brown to gold. The color of your hair and skin tones will emphasize the shades of your eyes.

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