Best Hooded Hair Dryers For Home

10 Best Hooded Hair Dryers For Home 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Let’s all agree on one thing, hooded hair dryers have their own swag! Yes, they have multiple benefits for your hairs and hence preferred by most of the ladies in the salon. But what if you get a list of best hooded hair dryers for the home?

We have carefully crafted this list of best hooded hair dryers for home use. Now you can sit back on a couch or even use them while emailing your boss! This list is for all those multitasking queens out there who wish to get salon finish hair at their home comfort.

So without any further ado lets quickly jump to the list of best hooded hair dryers for home.

Best Hooded Hair Dryers For Home 2020 List

Best Professional Best Professional Professional 1300W Hooded Hair Dryer
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Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice ZENY 1300W Adjustable Hooded Floor Stand Hair Dryer
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Salon Quality Salon Quality Red 1875 Watt Hooded Hair Dryer
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Gold N Hot Professional 1200W Full Hood Dryer
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portable hairdryer portable hairdryer D Salon Portable Professional Hair Dryer
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Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline Ionic
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Anself 900W Professional Stand Hair Dryer
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Revlon Ionic Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer
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Conair Pro Style Hooded Hair Dryer
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Annie Hot & Hotter Extra Large 2500Ceramic Ionic Hood Dryer
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10 Best Hooded Hair Dryers for Home

1. Professional 1300W Hooded Hair Dryer By Nova Microdermabrasion

Professional 1300W Hooded Hair Bonnet Dryer By Nova Microdermabrasion

This is a famous brand that builds appliances related to home and fashion. Their built machines are long-lasting and at the same time in budget too. And Professional 1300W Hooded bonnet dryer is no exception in this list. This machine has superior features and the price is reasonable too. First of all the machine has adopted the technology called backflow design which is safe and heats your hair evenly.

If you are looking for a budgetary hair dryer with some decent features then I would definitely recommend this product.


  • The dual looped stainless steel heating element (1000 watts) is very well designed here and a multi-bladed fan ensures the ultra-quiet operation.
  • The timer can be set up to 60 minutes and the temperature can be set up to 75 Celsius. 
  • The Hood is built out of tough tinted acrylic and it is big enough to accommodate even the largest rollers.
  • The bonnet of the machine can be tilted upwards or downwards so you can set it according to your comfort.
  • With the help of a spring-loaded pedestal base, you can adjust the height of the hairdryer by turning the bolt located in the middle of a dryer.
  • Comes with rolling wheels if you need to move it around in your house.
  • Overall the machine is very designed and durable.
  • Compared to its features the machine is very affordable.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Adjustable height
  • Timer setting (0-60 minutes) and heat setting (0-75℃)
  • Swivel hood (made out of tinted acrylic)
  • Stainless steel heating element with multi-bladed fan

  • Need to preheat (30 to 40 minutes) the machine before use.
  • The machine is bulkier compared to other hair dryers.

2. ZENY 1300W Adjustable Hooded Floor Stand Hair Dryer

ZENY 1300W Adjustable Hood Floor Stand Bonnet Hair Dryer

This is a chic and professional hairdryer, which has a flexible height, swivel casters, and fitted hood door. This hair dryer can give hot perm,  hair drying, hair treatment, and spot caring functions. It is one of the best-hooded hair dryers for home.


  • Easy to use swivel hood with convenient hinged hood door and height adjustment.
  • Temperature-control system with the time setting of 0-60 minutes and temperature adjusted from room Temperature To 167°F.
  • Swivel casters for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Portable design with swivel caster wheels for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Hot Perm, Hair Drying, Hair Treatment, And Spot-Caring Functions.
  • Minimal assembly needed.
  • Minimal Assembly Needed.
  • Gives great air coverage for soft, even drying experience. 
  • Ultra-quiet operation so you can even read while drying your hair.
  • With 1300W power and stainless steel heating component for strength and professional-quality performance.
  • Easy to use
  • Swivel hood
  • Does not obstruct vision
  • Temperature-control system with timer
  • Minimal assembly needed
  • Portable design and attached wheels for fast & easy movement
  • Hot Perm, Hair-Drying, Hair-Treatment, and Spot-Caring functions

  • Timer sound is a bit loud

3. Red 1875 Watt Hooded Hair Dryer- by Kiss 

Red 1875 Watt Bonnet:Hood Hair Dryer- by Kiss

This Hooded Hair Dryer is your styling solution for natural hair drying, hair roller settings, hot treatments, colour processing and much more. With professional, long-lasting, dual motors, this tool provides salon-quality results in no time.

It also provides you with the perfect hands-free drying experience. The extra-large hood space offers 15 percent more coverage to fit most hair rollers, even jumbo sizes. This salon hood hair dryer features ceramic tourmaline technology that eliminates frizz to create healthy, shiny, and long-lasting results.

Furnished with four heat settings, flexible height control, and an easy fold-up with hood release latch, this dryer is a compact and effortlessly portable item.


  • Extra large size hood – fits large rollers and full coverage for even airflow distribution
  • Carrying Handle
  • Hood Release Latch
  • Adjustable Height Up to 4 ½ Inches
  • Convenient Storage
  • Powerful 1875-Watt Motors
  • Ceramic Tourmaline
  • Easy Fold-Up for Portable and Compact
  • Secure Locking Clip
  • 1-year warranty
  • The Red by Kiss 1875 Watt Hood Hair Dryer can be used for natural hair drying, hair roller settings, hot treatments, color processing, and much more.
  • Ceramic tourmaline technology
  • 2 long-lasting motors
  • 4 heat settings for versatile hair drying
  • 1875 Watt Long-lasting Dual motors
  • Offers Handle with Carrying Case

  • Bit noisy

4. Gold ‘N Hot GH9271 Professional Portable 1200 Watt Hard Hooded Dryer

Gold 'N Hot GH9271 Professional Portable 1200 Watt Hard Bonnet:Hooded Dryer

With this hooded hair dryer get things done while drying your hairs. Do your nails, catch up on your favourite shows, check your email, or whatever you fancy! The Gold ‘N Hot Professional 1200 Watt Hair Dryer is the perfect tool for all the multitasking divas.

With a full-sized hood that fits over the largest of rollers and an adjustable column for customized height, the Gold ‘N Hot Hair Dryer is the complete professional drying solution at home.

A fully vented hood provides powerful, steady airflow from the unit’s 1200-Watt blower. When the drying and styling are finished, use the built-in cord storage for a convenient clean-up, or use the attached handle for easy portability. 


  • Full-size hood fits the largest of rollers.
  • Fully vented hood provides maximum and even airflow.
  • A handle is provided for easy portability.
  • Cord storage is provided.
  • 3 Heat/speed styling combinations.
  • Adjustable column for customized height.
  • Inbuilt finger rests are provided for easy mobility.
  • Built with a double vent technology under the hood for even airflow.
  • The controls are easy-to-reach and read.
  • 6-ft. Professional Power Cord is provided so as to plugin to the farthest point into your house
  • One-year Warranty
  • 2 Heat / Speed styling combination
  • Adjustable column for customized height
  • Double vents under the hood for even airflow
  • Full-size hood fits the largest of rollers
  • Fully vented hood provides maximum, even airflow

  • No medium heat setting available (High and low settings are there)

5. D Salon Portable Professional Hooded Hair Dryer 980 Watt Salon Beauty

D Salon Portable Professional Hair Dryer Hood 980 Watt Salon Beauty Bonnet Style

The D salon has everything you’d desire in a good hard hooded portable hairdryer: excellent heat, silent, large hood, and smooth operated wheels. The dryer runs for just about any hair types and it does a satisfactory job of giving that sparkling, glossy finish which is usually achievable only if you get your hair done practising commercial-grade salon dryers. Go for a roller set with this dryer—you’re going to be so happy with the results!

Because of its large hard hood, big rollers can fit directly under it. The D Salon’s height can easily be adjusted and the system is pretty solid all around. You can pick from three separate temperature settings so yes, there’s truly a medium setting. Hooray! If you’re pushed for time though, just switch it up to level 3 and savor the amazingly fast drying time.


  • Dryer Hood opening is 10-1/2 in. x 9-1/2 in.
  • 980-watt dual-looped stainless steel heating element w/multi-bladed fan.
  • Adjustable fan, temperature provides you with the most comfort.
  • Can operate at 110V/980 W
  • Bonnet swivels on the base and tilts up and down. Dryer Hood can be adjusted from 50 in. to 64 in.
  • This hair dryer is the best choice for anyone who has limited space and a tight budget. 
  • It comes with all professional functions and features that needed. 
  • Dryer’s height can be easily adjusted, 5 swivel casters make it easy to be moved around. 
  • Adjustable height and hood.
  • Adjustable timer, temperature and fan settings
  • Moderately priced
  • Machine sound is quite

  • The heat generated is not extremely high
  • The timer off sound is loud

6. Tourmaline Tools 1059 Professional Ionic Portable Salon Dryer By Hot Tools

Tourmaline Tools 1059 Professional Ionic Portable Salon Dryer By Hot Tools

This ion hooded hair dryer has loads of features which even more pricey tools don’t. It has a power of 1875 Watts that speeds up drying and facilitates styling. The developers promise up to 50% faster drying with maintaining your hair silky, shiny, softer, and less frizzy. You can even use Tourmaline Tools dryer for spa-treatment procedures which guarantee you the perfect hair condition.


  • Tourmaline Tools 1059 Portable Salon Dryer is equipped with the Pre-Moisture System which is a combination of tourmaline and ionic technologies for the perfect drying and styling results.
  • With four heat settings and two speeds, you can select the most suitable regime for your hair. 
  • This beauty device has an appealing design with a purple visor. It is movable and easy-to-dismantle. 
  • Drying, styling, and even curing a hair – results are professional.
  • Pre-Moisture System which combines tourmaline and ionic technologies is included. It helps to get a shiny and silky hair after drying;
  • perfect for spa-treatment procedures thanks to the listed technologies use;
  • there are 4 heat settings and 2 speeds to select the most suitable regime for your hair;
  • high airflow for faster drying hair;
  • affordable price.

  • The dryer’s head is a bit noisy while operating.

7. Anself 900W Professional Stand Hair Dryer

Anself 900W Professional Stand Hair Dryer

This hair dryer holds its own fan followers because of its wide range of useful features. With these features, it can also be practiced from the usual drying and styling in braids and twists to the occasional hair dyeing, perming and curling, and shaping. It is perfect for your home, considering its compact size and wattage. Thus. making this hairdryer among the top 10 list of best hooded hair dryers for home.


  • Can be used for perm, hair care, dyeing hair, shaping and drying hair, suitable for home use.
  • Temperature can be set from 20℃ to 70℃. Time setting is adjustable from 0 to 60 minutes
  • 2 Rows of the heating coil can reach a perfect temperature within a short time
  • 5 Omni-directional wheels are provided, convenient to move
  • The heating part is made of stainless steel, more durable
  • Versatile uses in drying, styling, and shaping hair
  • Relatively large bonnet
  • Equipped with temperature and timer controls
  • Attractive design

  • The dryer can become too hot but it’s a matter of turning down the temperature

8. Revlon Ionic Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer

Revlon Ionic Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer

Here’s another top hair dryer you might want to consider. The Revlon’s ionic bonnet hair dryer is ideal for home use that also fits the budget. It releases Ions to control frizz while preserving your hair’s needed moisture. Not only it has the ionic feature that you can switch on/off. It also features a unique cool air setting to set your hairstyle.


  • The Revlon emits ions to reduce frizz. 
  • Big rounded hood accommodates a set of large hair rollers
  • Collapsible design makes storage and travel easier
  • Ion on/off switch with “on” indicator light
  • 3 temperature settings: low, medium and high
  • Convenient cord storage area
  • Easy storage design
  • Very affordable price
  • It has a cool air setting
  • Uses ionic technology
  • Can accommodate jumbo rollers

  • Non-adjustable Hood
  • Some users don’t like the quality of the plastic material

9. Conair Pro Style Hooded Hair Dryer

Best Hooded Hair Dryers For Home-3

This is a reputed brand when it comes to making hair styling products. Conair has done it again by producing an affordable yet quality hairdryer. The Conair pro-style bonnet hairdryer is very small in size and features a space-saving design. Because of its compact design, you can easily store it in your house or it can become your travelling companion.


  • The machine is rated for 1875 watts to provide you with powerful drying. 
  • The hood of this hair-dryer can be disassembled so you can easily use it when you are travelling (weighs only 2 pounds).
  • It can accommodate a set of jumbo rollers of your hair.
  • Variable airflow feature ensures that you get maximum styling comfort.
  • Have 2 heat settings and 2 temperature settings hence, you will be able to get evenly distributed heat.
  • With 6-foot long cord, you can manually adjust the height of this dryer which allows you to sit wherever you want.
  • Have a 1-year warranty
  • 1-year warranty
  • Space-saving design and lightweight
  • 2 heat and temperature settings
  • 1875 watts for powerful drying

  • It is made of plastic material which isn’t that durable.

10. Annie Hot & Hotter Extra Large 2500Ceramic Ionic Hood Dryer

Annie Hot & Hotter Extra Large 2500Ceramic Ionic Hood Dryer

We are ending our list with Annie Hot & Hotter’s ceramic Ionic hooded hair dryer that highlights a massive extra-large bonnet. It’s a small, hard bonnet hairdryer with a hood as big as those on professional ones.  Has 3 heat settings and the overall height is good enough to place on your desk. The hood is straightforward to adjust and portability wise, it’s as transportable as it gets with an easy fold-up carrying case.


  • Extra-large hood to accommodate large rollers
  • Its adjustable column provides exceptional overall coverage for smooth & even drying
  • 3 heat settings
  • Ceramic ionic technology
  • Easy fold-up & fancy carrying case
  • Has three heat and speed settings
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to adjust
  • Extra-large bonnet hood to accommodate large rollers
  • Features ceramic ion technology

  • The base needs some improvement

Let us now discuss if these hooded hair dryers are really good enough to use at home for your hair.

Best Hooded Hair Dryers For Home-2
1920’s Ladies using the hairdryer at a salon.

Is a Dooded Dryer Bad for your hair?

The answer is straight NO! The hooded hair dryer helps to dry out your hair while restoring the moisture in them. These hair dryers work miraculously in keeping your scalp healthy and moisturised. Unlike other hair dryers, these best hooded hair dryers for a home dries your hair without burning hair. Yes, you need to monitor the heat and time according to your hair and this is the sole reason each manufacturer provides you with few settings options. 

Does it matter what hair dryer you use?

Bad news First: There is no ONE hairdryer which is best for everyone (that’s why we have provided you with the list of 10 best hooded hair dryers for home). But on the contrary, the quality of your hairdryer does matter. An excellent hot tool can make the distinction between hair that’s truly manageable and hair that you’d preferably shave off and be done with. 

The two pillars of great hairdryer are heat and control. Considering your hair type, you’ll want to actually take advantage of the multiple Cool, Warm, and Hot settings, along with the changing speed setting (fine hair does well with cool-to-warm heat setting, while curly hair needs high heat at a low airspeed). 

A great hairdryer might set you back in your budget, but if you take care of it, it’ll last at least a decade and will save you money in multiples of which you have invested in it. Talking about investing in your hair, do check out our 10 Best hair steamer for natural hair.

So go ahead and buy among these best hooded hair dryers for home and invest in your hair.

What is the best hard bonnet hair dryer?

According to us Hair Bonnet Dryer By Nova Microdermabrasion is most suitable for everyone. On the other hand, it is better to check out the list of top 10 hairdryers as well.

How do you dry hair under a hooded dryer?

Set your wet hair in plastic or velcro rollers, then use the bonnet to dry your hair.
You can set wet or dry hair by styling it in braids or twists, then letting the bonnet work its magic to get wavy, curly, or frizzy hair.

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