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10 Best Led Nail Lamp That are worth Buying in 2020

Gals, we bet you all love a good manicure. Women are obsessed with gel nail polish and their awesome finish. It adds a dashing appeal to your aura. Something is exciting about having these glittering nails; it makes us feel youthful and ready to handle anything from an intimidating job interview to a cranky toddler shrieking around. However, every salon appointment using the best LED nail lamp for your manicure can be a costly affair. This is because women like to change their nail lacquer with their moods and occasions. Keeping up with the nail appointments can also be a tedious task.

In this case, what you think about a home gel manicure?

You may be wondering, “Hmmm. Great idea! But I am not a professional beautician.”

Good news! You don’t need to be pro at nail curing. All you need is the best LED nail lamp device and some colorful gel lacquer (along with top and base coat).

Your next query will be which lamp is better? UV or LED? Don’t worry, this article covers all you need to know about the best LED nail lamp models and brands, the importance of using them, and the factors you need to consider before buying nail lamps.

With these top 10 LED nail lamps you’ll get a pro-looking manicure at the comfort of your home, relaxing on your recliner, in your PJs.

1st Place
Deepdream 54W UV LED Nail Lamp By Deep Dream
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Best Value
Mylee Pro Salon Series LED Lamp Convex By Mylee
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3 SUN 5 Pro 72W UV LED Nail Lamp By Ovlux
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4 Elite99 LED Nail Lamp By elite99
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5 NailStar Professional LED Nail Dryer By Nailstar
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Why Do You Need A UV Or LED Nail Lamp?

A gel nail polish is not the same as traditional nail paints. The varnish in these gel lacquers is never meant to evaporate and harden easily at room temperature. For the polish to dry and give a glossy look, the gel polish needs curing under UV or LED lights.

The manufacturing of gel nail polish uses molecules that can be activated with lights of specific wavelengths. These chemical entities are known as photo-initiators, as they undergo polymerization in the presence of light to achieve a solid and smooth finish.

If you don’t use UV or LED lights for nail curing, gel nail polish will tend to chip off. This may lead to frequent salon visits for a fresh professional salon-like manicure.

What Is The Difference Between UV And LED Lamp?

Women can choose a variety of shades in gel nail polish. They look fab and can be paired with stunning stonework manicure. Gel manicure lasts for around 2-3 weeks, after which you need a fresh nail makeover. With light lamps to cure the gel nails at home, this task becomes simple. Isn’t it?

Here is the difference between both the lamps:

LED Lamp UV Lamp
Lighter in weight Heavier in weight
Up to 50,000 hours of functional use 10,000 hours of functional use
Bulbs are not replaced Bulbs are replaced every 2-4 months depending on the amount of use
Has difficulties curing some clear gels Effective in curing clear gels
Cures gels faster than UV lamps (~45s -2minutes) Take longer to cure gels (3-5 minutes)
More expensive than UV lamps Cheaper than LED lamps
Works well with DND nail polish Doesn’t work for DND gel nails

UV lamps contain light rays the same as the ones emitted from the sun or a tanning bed. These lamps have a bad reputation as damages to the skin and result in photosensitization and skin aging. LED nail lamps emit both UV and LED radiation but to a lesser extent. You must protect your hands with nail-less gloves to avoid these damaging effects of the lights.

This UV or LED lamps are available in a myriad of varieties with a price ranging from $20 (equals to the price of a single manicure) to $200 (more professional ones). Purchasing one might make sense than going to the salon every 20 days.

Don’t get overwhelmed to choose the best LED nail lamp for your at-home mani settings. Let’s break it down further for our readers. Here are our top 10 picks for the best-LED nail lamp designs for gel polish.

Top 10 LED Nail Lamps For Perfectly Cured Gel Nail Polish

1. Deepdream 54W UV LED Nail Lamp – Best Overall

DeepDream 54W Gel

The DeepDream 54W nail lamp is easiest to operate the device to get beautiful nail art done in minutes. It has double light bulbs which harden both shellac and gel nail polishes. It has a wide opening that can easily fit all five fingers at a time. The bulbs are placed at the correct angle so that you don’t have to contort your thumb for curing. It has 42 pieces of double light source LEDs with 54 wattages of power and a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Amazing isn’t it?

It has a good curing time (barely 15 seconds) and comes with a large LCD screen to show your drying time. The nail lamp is equipped with four simple timing modes to let you control the timer with each layer of gel application. It starts with an auto sensor; hand in – lamps on, hands out – lamps off! Bliss!


  • High configuration and performance
  • Cures both gel and shellac
  • User-friendly four timer buttons (15, 30, 60 and 99 seconds)
  • Digital display screen
  • Auto sensor ON/OFF mode
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Can cure only one hand or foot at a time
  • Gets a little warm on use
  • Doesn’t work well for curing UV only gel polishes

2. Mylee Pro Salon Series LED Lamp Convex – Innovative Technology Lamp

Mylee Pro Salon Series

Mylee Pro is one of the leading nail care brands that have the best LED nail lamp designs on the shelves. The lamps are powerful and efficient, boasting low consumption LED technology. It is designed to cure nail instantly – 15 second quick – due to its innovative convex technology.

The Mylee Pro salon nail lamp has a wide curing window and detachable magnetic tray making it perfect for both manicure and pedicure. This feature also allows for easy cleaning. It is engineered with a dome-shaped design, perfectly positioned LED bulbs for even light distribution, and three timer settings for hassle-free quick drying of gel polish.


  • Long-lasting lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Low heat emission technology
  • Travel-friendly as it comes with 3 adaptors for use with the UK, the US and European plugs
  • Ultra-fast 15-second cure
  • Much safer for the skin compared to the UV lamp
  • Has wide curing window


  • Can cure only one hand or foot at a time
  • Gets a little warm on use

3. SUN 5 Pro 72W UV LED Nail Lamp – Best LED Lamp For Beginners

SUN 5 Pro 72W UV

With an easy to use design, this LED nail lamp is best for beginners and comes with extra-wide space to accommodate both hands or feet at once. The lamp comes with high coverage 72 wattage power to boost the curing time than its predecessor models. The lamp features a motion sensor mode that switches ON/OFF when you move your hands in and out of the nail lamp.

The Sun 5 Pro has a low heat emission mode for those people who are sensitive to the burn while curing. Such individuals can lower the power for products that need a longer curing time. The preset timer settings that allow easy manicure and pedicure.


  • Low heat mode for comfortable curing
  • Can fit both hands or feet at once
  • Bottom plate is removable
  • Equipped with preset timers and motion sensor
  • Good for pedicures


  • Heavier than some other LED nail lamps
  • Large size, thus not suitable for travelers
  • Bottom plate becomes loose and comes off easily

4. Elite99 LED Nail Lamp – Best For Travel

Elite99 Best LED Nail Lamp

The Elite99 Nail Dryer is one of the best-LED nail lamp devices that gives you a fresh manicure at-home. The brand specializes in research and development of gel polishes. It has a full line of nail art kit and equipment to get long-lasting and chip-resistant gel nails.

The LED nail lamp is a 36W nail curing device, compact in size and durable in quality. It has 3 modes of timer settings – 30s, 60s, and 99s for nail curing. The nail lamp comes with effective LED bulbs that last up to 5000 hours.


  • Miniature size and lightweight model
  • Travel-friendly appliance
  • Long-lasting and chip-resistant gel polish
  • Comes with an automatic shutoff sensor
  • Ideal for both home and salon use
  • Offers quick and quiet drying


  • Lifespan of the bulb is lesser as compared to other nail lamps
  • Bottom plate doesn’t come off for feet

5. NailStar Professional LED Nail Dryer – Best Gentle LED Lamp

NailStar Professional LED

The NailStar Professional LED Nail Lamp is a compact device for both home and professional use. It is compatible with any gel polish brands – CND Shellac, Bluesky, Gelish, and OPI. The lamp is used to provide salon-like results in a few seconds.

The lamp works quickly and gently on your nails and doesn’t damage your skin. It offers a curing time of as little as 30 seconds. The NailStar LED lamp features 4 timer settings (30s, 60s, 90s, and 30min) to fit every need. It is one of the best LED nail lamp brands that become a vital part of your beauty kit for many years.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • 4 timer setting for high and low-intensity curing
  • Travel-friendly and gentle curing device
  • Easy to use operation for beginners
  • Long-lasting bulbs


  • Longer curing time than others
  • No sensor
  • Bottom doesn’t come off for feet
  • Tight fit for thumbs

6. Gelish Harmony 18G Professional LED Nail LampBest Professional Lamp

Gelish Harmony 18G

This is the most professional nail lamp available in the market. It is designed as a sleek device with rapid and efficient gel curing performance. The device is a 34W lamp with only LED lights (this is what packs more punch). It cures some gels in as little as 5 seconds.  

There is enough room for all five fingers of the hand, and you won’t have to contort your thumb. It comes with three preset timers and a LED display screen. Beeps after completion of every cycle. It is both manicure and pedicure friendly. The lamp also features a magnetic replaceable tray (for easy cleaning), a padded hand rest, and acetone resistant lamp to hold up to the salon environs.


  • Salon grade device
  • Ultra-fast curing times
  • Pull down eye-shield to limit light exposure
  • Acetone resistant
  • Convenient hand rest
  • Removable bottom magnetic tray


  • Buttons positioned at the back for salon settings
  • Home users may find the beeping annoying
  • Very expensive for home users, but worth for profession use

7. Lumcrissy Rechargeable Cordless UV LED Nail Gels Lamp – Best Cordless Lamp

Lumcrissy Rechargebale Cordless UV LED Nail Gels Lamp

There are many good nail lamps in the market but, a rechargeable cordless one will make you reconsider your options. Not having to be near an electric outlet as you get a mani-pedi done is exemplary, isn’t it?

The lamps take two hours to charge-up and will give you the power of 12 hours of uninterruptable use. A unique reverse LED display feature is a hit in this device. Gone are the days to look at the display upside down.

This 72W lamp has 36 LED bulbs lining the top and sides of the device. It also features an automatic sensor, four timer settings (10s, 30s, 60s, and 120s). The bottom tray is removable to ensure pedicure and easy cleaning.


  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Reversible LED display
  • 36 LED bulbs with a long-lasting lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Cures all gel types
  • Four timer settings
  • Automatic hand sensor
  • Low heat setting mode available


  • Larger than some models
  • You need to remember to charge it eventually
  • Battery makes it heavier than corded models
  • Little pricey

8. KEDSUM 24W UV LED Nail Dryer – Best Stylish Lamp

KEDSUM 24W Best LED Nail Lamp

Kedsum 24W nail lamp is a luminous black, compact and stylish nail curing lamp. It safely dries all gel nail polishes in a flick. It comes with double light source technology (14 LED light beads) that quickly cures all nails.

The long-lasting bulbs (lifespan of 5000 hours) need not be replaced. It has a flat top surface designed to facilitate nail polish application. You can choose from four timer settings (10s, 30s, 60s, and 300s) with a single button.


  • Compact and stylish
  • 4-timer controls
  • High performance LED bulbs
  • Fit for all types of LED gel polishes
  • Dual-purpose flat surface


  • Will not fit the whole hand at once, you’ll have to cure the thumb separately
  • No automatic sensor

9. SUNUV Sun2C 48W Gel Nail Polish LampBest Customizable Nail Lamp

SunUV Sun2C 48w Gel Nail Polish Lamp

Doing your manicure-pedicure by yourself? Here is what we recommend. The best customizable LED nail lamp in the market – SUNUV Sun2C 48W Gel Nail Polish Lamp!  The dryer is engineered to cure all 5 fingernails at once. It has a padded hand rest on top for a comfortable salon-like experience. Colorful interchangeable hands rest comes in three enchanting colors (pink, purple, and white) fit to apply your layers.

The dual light source provides rapid curing and cures both gel and shellac lacquers. The auto sensor and time control ensure that you get the perfect glossy finish. It features flexible drying settings with four preset controls (10s, 30s, 60s, and 90s) for easy use. The white lights do not harm the eyes and skin.


  • UV/LED dual light source for efficient curing
  • Lights cover all angles, so you don’t have to contort your thumb
  • Three silicone hand rests
  • Lamp works on gel and shellac nail paints
  • Has low heat setting


  • No LCD readout for the timer
  • Buttons on the back of the unit
  • Not durable

10. ABOX Star2 Professional 72W LED Nail Lamp – Fastest Home Lamp

ABOX Star2 Professional Best LED Nail Lamp

Are you in a hurry? Need a quick fix nail art at home? Try the fastest home lamp by ABOX. The Star2 LED nail lamp is the best home dryer in this range. It has high power lamps that efficiently cure nails faster than other models on this list. The nail lamp is very easy to use and highlights most features that you’ll look for in the best LED nail lamp.

The lightweight and stylish model is good to use at home or salon. It has amazing features like automatic ON/OFF sensors, removable magnetic base, touch buttons, large LED display screen, and preset timer controls. The UV and LED light sources to enable it to cure all gel types.


  • Fastest curing time with the high power wattage
  • Automatic light sensor
  • Has 4 preset time controls (10s, 30s, 60s, and a low heat mode 99s)
  • Magnetic removable base for easy cleaning and pedicure
  • Wide curing window


  • Not big enough for two hands
  • Gets hot quickly

Buying Guide For Best LED Nail Lamp

Wow, so many options to choose from! Which nail lamp should you buy?

Let’s handle this confusing and overwhelming question with the factors you should be looking for when comparing the best LED nail lamp devices in the market.

This buying guide will answer your questions and simplify the job.

Here are the factors to consider for choosing the best nail lamp for you:

1. Your Budget

Figure out how much you’re willing to shell out for this nail curing lamp. You may compare your salon visit expenses in a year for a manicure. A nail lamp is comparatively affordable, this includes money saved for pedicures as well.

2. Nail Polish Brands You Use

The nail polish or brand that you use is the deciding factor for the lamp you must buy. UV lamps cure all gel polishes but are prone to causing skin-damaging effects. Whereas LED lamps claim to cure only LED polishes. Some LED lamps effectively cure all types of nail lacquers – so if you use one brand heavily it is advisable to buy nail lamps from the same brand or the matching light wavelength it requires to cure the polish you use.

3. Curing Time

LED nail lamps to cure nails rapidly (within seconds) than UV lamps. It takes around 5+ minutes to cure nails under UV light and this time reduces to just 2 minutes with an LED lamp. Now, the choice is yours.

4. Heat Regulator

Look for nail lamps with built-in heat regulators to avoid burns due to excess exposure to radiation.

5. Wattage

Higher wattage lamp doesn’t mean they are more effective in curing nails. They do speed up the process but also consume much more power. A standard nail lamp having 24W can be enough to cure gel polish. However, going for higher wattage lamps can work if you’re in a hurry. Don’t opt for lamps having wattage less than 10W as the polishes chip away too quickly if cured by low wattage lamps.

6. Bulb Life Span

Most LED bulbs last for over 50,000 hours (means they need not be replaced at all). This can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you make the calculations right, whether UV or LED these nail lamps will last you for years before needing to be changed. This they are a great investment for women (if you’re buying from a high-quality and reliable brand).

7. Number Of Bulbs

More the number of bulbs in the lamp, the faster is the drying time. So, check before you buy one.

8. Size Of The Lamp

This is another important factor you should be looking for – the size of the lamp. Few lamps can accommodate all five fingers without having to contort your thumb. Others may even accommodate both your hands. Some work for manicure and pedicure (Great!). Chalk out your preference.

9. Extra Features

Look for brands that offer special features like timer settings (preset curing times with a low heat mode option), motion sensors (no ON/OFF switch), touch buttons, large LCD screen, padded and colorful hand rest, detachable bottom (for pedicure) and a fan (for a regular nail paint). Aren’t they worth having?

10. Warranty

The standard warranty for a new lamp from most manufacturers is one year. The manufactures don’t sell the lamps directly to their customers. You’ll have to buy them from Amazon. Make sure you check the seller’s name before you book in your order. Buying from the manufacturer is more reliable. A warranty helps when there are issues like breakdown or dysfunctionality of the lamp (very few people experience this though).

Having said that we have covered most of the important factors you should check before selecting the best LED nail lamp for you.

Which is the best LED nail lamp for you? How would you decide given the above choices? It’s easy, ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s the purpose of use – self or salon?
  • What is your budget?
  • Which nail polish brands you use?

Answering these questions along with our buying tips will help you decide a perfect fit for curing your nails.

Create affordable and alluring nail art in no time.

If you already use light dryers for gel nails, do let us know which one. Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What wattage LED nail lamp is best?

The LED nail lamps come in a variety of wattage ranging from 12 to 72 watts. There is no best wattage for curing nails. A lamp with lesser power will take more time to dry the nails. Try and choose LED lamps which have 32W and more power. This will cure nail polishes in less than 15 seconds.

Does a higher wattage mean it’s a better nail lamp?

No. Higher wattage cures nails faster. However, it consumes more electricity too. When comparing lamps don’t pick one with very little wattage as they might not cure all types of gel polishes.

Do LED nail lamps emit UV rays?

Unfortunately, most LED lamps emit both UV and LED lights. Thus, you must consider skin-damaging effects before you use any of these lamps.

Can you use an LED lamp with regular nail polish?

Yes, but be very careful. You need to apply gel topcoats over regular varnish before you start curing under LED lamps.

Can you get skin cancer from LED nail lamps?

Long-term exposure to UV or LED lights can increase the risk of cancer and skin-damaging effects. Research concludes that the risk of developing cancer is less in LED lamps compared to UV lamps.

Why do my nails burn under LED light?

You should not feel any pain while curing. If you feel the flash of heat, the gel is too thick. This may damage your nail plate so be careful. Even the gel won’t cure and chip-off easily.

Can you get cancer from gel nails?

Gel manicure never causes cancer however, exposure to UV and LED lights while curing gel nails can be a concern. High levels of UVA radiation play a major role in the development of skin cancer. Gel manicures can give you gorgeous looking nails, but repeated use can cause nail brittleness, cracking and peeling, premature skin aging and increased risk of cancer.

Is LED light safer than UV?

Both UV and LED lamps emit radiation that can damage the skin. Since we are concerned about UV exposure, LED lamps have faster curing times – thus lesser UV exposure – so are considered safer than UV nail lamps.

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