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Underwear, the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off while dressing. Even though it is a hidden garment that no one would like to show up other than Superman, you should remember the one thing that it is one of the most important garments that should be taken care of. It plays a major role in helping you gain confidence. Have you ever questioned yourself that what are the qualities that make the underwear? There are certainly a few most important things that make the underwear best. They are simply comfort, fit, support and style. So, if you are looking for best underwear for men, you are at the right place.

When it comes to men’s innerwear there are different types of options available and one could choose according to their choice, comfort, and wish.

Boxers, trunks, and thongs are the major different types of inners available for men.

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Best Underwear For Men

Finding the right and the perfect underwear can actually bring a lot of difference in your day to day routine. So, here we present you to some of the amazing choices that you can go for.

While choosing the underwear, you don’t have to look for the perfect brand but instead should look for the perfect size, fit and style. Your perfect underwear doesn’t have to be from the top brand from the men’s underwear brands list.

1. Symbol Amazon Brand Men’s Printed Boxers

This is an exclusive branded product that is available only on Amazon. It is a brilliant option for all those men who have been very much looking to create their very own fashion statement without losing the comfort.

This is a made in India product, so if you wish to give the made in India products a push and encouragement, then choose this amazing product from Amazon. These patterned boxers are available in various attractive colors that you can choose according to your taste.

2. U.S. Polo Assn. Men’s Trunks

This is yet another most comfortable men’s inner garment and underwear that every man should try. If you prefer to stay comfortable and doesn’t care much about creating your own style statement, then don’t worry this US Polo trunk will take care of everything else while giving you and providing you comfort. Just stay in your own style and be a style creator.

3. Hanes Men’s Cotton Brief

This brilliant option from Hanes can be considered as the brilliant option and also one of the best men’s underwear for hot weather. It is the best option for your during summers which is usually too hot in India.

These briefs from Hanes will offer you the comfortable feeling allowing you to stay comfortable and free. You should definitely try this best underwear for men.

4. Levi’s Men’s Cotton Brief

This one particular brief from the very popular textile brand Levi’s is definitely worth a place in your wardrobe. If you like to be somewhat different and unique, then this particular option is definitely for you.

This product comes with some unique and eye catchy pattern which is very appealing that you can choose and pick if you want to be unique. The uniqueness in it is what made us include it in this list of best underwear for men.

5. Van Heusen Men’s Solid Trunks

This one particular men’s underwear from the international brand Van Heusen is a comfortable one to wear. This men’s trunk underwear is what you should go for if you are in a search for the perfectly stylish and classy, elegant looking underwear for yourself.

Just make yourself comfortable in this fitting and make yourself confident. A brand like Van Heusen will have many options for men to choose from but this particular trunk caught our attention because of its comfort.

6. FCUK Men’s Cotton Trunks

Trunks are among the most comfortable underwear options for men. While thongs, boxers are also the best available choices that you can prefer, trunks are just irreplaceable. So, if you are looking for the best and comfortable trunks, then this option is just for you to go without thinking.

This is not only comfortable but also ultra-stylish that gives you the youthful look. It is available in various colour options, just opt the best you feel.

7. FCUK Men’s Cotton Boxers

This one cotton boxers from FCUK is one among the many best choices that you have got while choosing the boxers. If you are looking for the most comfortable boxers, then this one is definitely worth trying.

While compiling the list of best underwear for men, we couldn’t resist ourselves from including this option in this list. So, do give this men’s underwear a try if you are fond of boxers and wish to choose comfort over style.

8. Jack & Jones Men’s Printed Boxers

Jack & Jones best men’s underwear for support. This one in our list of options included is one of the most comfortable options. If you like to present yourself as young, stylish and youthful, then this particular underwear option is definitely for you to go.

It is colourful and gives you a youthful look. Stop your search for best underwear for men no matter wherever you are and try this one and you won’t be disappointed.

9. Jockey Men’s Cotton Boxer Brief

Boxer briefs underwear, the most comfortable option among the innerwear options available for men. If you are a person who is more concerned about your comfort rather than style, then this one is definitely the go-to option for you. Do try these boxer briefs from Jockey.

10. Fancy Steps Men’s White Thongs

This is one of the craziest options among our list of the best underwear for men. This one is quite suitable for all those people who wish to try something different and unique without any fear. This one option is definitely the best men’s thong underwear that you must check out for sure.


So, choosing the perfect inner garments will help you in gaining confidence from inside. Try these.

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