Best Web Series Of 2017 That You Should Add To Your Watching List

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Aren’t you really bored of the theme of the Bollywood movies that the majority of the filmmakers are following with just a hero, heroine and a villain? The hero for the sake of his love fights with the villain and gets the heroine. Many of the films follow the same backdrop and add in some flavours into it by making it a film. While there are also filmmakers who are trying to bring in some really creative and different stuff into the Bollywood screen, we find such stuff rare and the hell with the television soaps, they were filled with the saas-bahu fights and the snake revenges. What happens to the average Indian viewer who is in search of some really different and realistic kind of series that provides them with some entertainment? The Internet is to their rescue and there are some really cool web series that the filmmakers have been trying these days and the youth are being to connect to them as well.

So, here we put together the list of some really cool and different web series of 2017 that you must start to binge watch now.

List Of Some Of The Best Web Series 2017

What The Folks:

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If you have a quirk sense of humour, then you would definitely love to watch this web series from the Dice Media which is the story of a modern family that breaks the stereotypes of giving over respect to the son in law. It is a perfect series where the problems and the feelings of the married man are shown. He feels discomfort at all the special attention he gets when he got to live with his in-laws while his wife stays away. Interesting Right!!! Experience this quirky comedy that makes you think very deeply in the end. This web series is of 5 episodes, go give it a watch.

Romil and Jugal:

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This web series from the web channel ALTbalaji which is the Ekta Kapoor web channel is the unusual love story of Romil and Jugal, a gay couple. With just three episodes in this web series, it is a crisp and clear in narration and also touched a really sensible concept about the same-sex relationship. This almost untouched topic has been bravely attempted by the filmmakers and it should definitely need an appreciation.

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This is yet another interesting and realistic web series from the Dice Media and surely. This web series is all about a matured couple who move into a new flat and share it with three bachelors who have a totally different thinking. How they all adjust to living together in the same flat and finally become friends is what the four episodes of this web series will show the audience about in a fun-filled entertaining way. So, do watch it and have some fun time.

Dev DD:

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This is the retelling of the story of the popular character in films the Devadas but the thing in this is, you get to witness a female protagonist in this web series. It goes around the story of a rebellious girl from Jaipur. She fells in love with a guy and turns into Devdas after that love fails. The web series that is dealt in a more realistic way. This series also comes from the Ekta Kapoor productions ALTBalaji. This web series will easily make the current generation connected to it. So catch it up in your free time.

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai 2:

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This web series which came as a sequel to the once most popular television series Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai which is a comedy series that came as a fresh air among the saas-bahu series those days is also as promising as the first series. Now after almost 10 years the television series is back in the new form by taking a leap of over 7 years. The comedy formula hasn’t been changed and is promising which makes it the best web series of the year and do include it on your watch list if you love comedy.

We hope and wish you enjoy watching these web series as much as we did.

Happy watching!!!

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