Dr. Bharati Lavekar – The Politician Who Has Set Up A Sanitary Pad Bank

Bharati Lavekar

Dr. Bharati Lavekar who is a sitting MLA from Versova in Mumbai introduced India’s first digital sanitary pad bank. The unaffordability of sanitary pads by the rural women who are below the poverty line had what made her think and she even tried to draw the attention of the fellow legislators on this issue.

Early Life and Political Life Of Bharati Lavekar:

Bharati Lavekar was born and brought up in Marathwada. She did Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Marathwada. She also completed M.A in Political Science and Ph.D. in Uniform Civil Code.

She has been in politics for the last 25 years, but her spirit has always been that of an activist. She is dedicated to women and child rights and that is what inspired her to raise a foundation for that and that is the TEE Foundation.

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TEE Foundation:

Bharati Lavekar established TEE Foundation which is an NGO based in Mumbai that focuses on eradication and creating awareness about various issues like female feticide, hygiene, sanitation, women’s education and gender inequalities.

She has made fighting for women and children’s rights as her life mission.

What The NGO Did?

Under this NGO, they had started a scheme in which they will start a fixed deposit for every girl born after August 15, 2011, in the Beed District of Maharashtra where the sex ratio of boys and girls is at its worst. This scheme worked so well and helped in increasing the ratio of girls.

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Digital Sanitary Pad Bank:

She researched a lot about the problems arising out of menstrual taboos. And she found out about 85 percent of the women menstruating are using unsafe materials. 23 percent of girls drop out from school after they got their first period. 70 percent of women in our country are not in a position to afford sanitary pads.

Bharati’s Digital Sanitary Pad Bank was a quick, simple and in line solution for all these problems. Digital Sanitary Pad Bank was launched by Maharashtra’s first lady Amruta Fadnavis and Zeenat Aman. This bank works as a mediator between donors and beneficiaries.

Anyone can donate the amount to this bank through online or bank transfer, Paytm, or send pads directly to their address. All the woman who has an Orange ration card are entitled to the pads and funds collected by the sanitary pad bank.

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If you feel inspired by this story of a women politician who is doing a lot for the rural women, then don’t forget to visit the website of her TEE Foundation and do your part by donating to the foundation.

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