Is Spending Your Birthday At An Orphanage A Good Idea?


Birthday is a special day in all of our lives. We plan special things and make time to do new things and celebrate the day with our dear ones. Of course, everyone has their own style of celebrating a birthday and it all depends on various factors like their age, financial status, and their desire. And the most popular way of celebrating one’s birthday for all those charity-minded people will be spending a birthday at an orphanage among the less privileged.  But have you ever thought of how the children or the kids at the orphanage would feel about seeing a stranger celebrating his/her birthday?

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Celebrating birthday at an Orphanage

A Quora user has raised this question which led to further discussions on “How right is it to celebrate a birthday at an orphanage?” Does celebrating birthdays and other festivities at an orphanage make the children there happy or is it just a reminder of their fate for them?

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You may think that the kids may feel pleased to receive the presents but we are actually ruining their free time during which they do a lot of lazy things and play games. They have just one day off from school and will get some time to have some play time and do some lazy stuff. But the strangers’ birthday celebrations at their home will ruin their personal time and space.

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This kind of celebrations at an orphanage has become a fashion these days for making a show-off and bragging the actions in public by uploading pictures in Social media platforms, papers and news channels.

What it may do to them

These celebrations may remind the kids about their deprival. How can the kids be happy seeing someone strange to them celebrate their life events?

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Try celebrating their birthdays with them if possible and make time to spend their special days with them and present them with gifts on their birthdays. Or at least try to spend your leisure time with them by visiting them and plan some activities with them. Make the visits regular and let the children get more acquainted to you.

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What You can do

Spending one day in a year and that too your birthday is not a good idea and it may not make them cheerful.

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So, if you don’t wish to ruin the day of the kids at the orphanage then the best thing you can do for them is spending a day with them when you have time and you can also choose to celebrate their birthdays’ with them, but your celebrations at an orphanage is not a good idea.

Think wise and plan your birthday!!!!!

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