Bizarre Inventions The World Wasn’t Ready For – 7 Top Picks For You


We have a lot of fore-thinking geniuses who make revolutionary inventions. Some inventions gain great success while some inventions the society couldn’t handle. The electric car, the light bulb, the mobile phones and the internet has changed the world brilliantly. But whoops! There were some bizarre inventions that the world wasn’t ready for. Among the many success stories of the widespread inventions there are a few which are weird and some others are just too pointless. Let’s take a peek at some of these bizarre inventions of the time that never caught up.

The Flying Jetpack

Robert Couter invented the flying jet in 1969. The flying machine with a gigantic duct made him soar high in the air. This personal flying machine was created for entertainment though they have not made it to the current era.

bizarre inventions Flying jetpack
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Corset With Expandable Bust

F. Parsons invented this beautifying vest in 1881. The exotic collection of sexy bras available today have replaced such inventions long back. The corset worked by inflating the cups to make the breasts look fuller, firmer and larger.

bizzare invention corset
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Ventilating Hat

This amazing hat was introduced by John Fuller & Co in 1849 to beat the scorching heat for men who wore top hats in that era. If men still wore those kind of hats and the wonderful air conditioner was not yet invented, the ventilating hats would have been in rage today.

bizarre inventions ventilating hat
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The Water Bicycle

This unique water-bicycle rode the land and waters. The design couldn’t bare heavy weights thus only the skinniest persons could have used it to cross the waters. The next time you’re stuck in a flood ridden area, you will definitely think about this bizarre invention.

bizarre inventions water bicycle
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Bizarre Inventions – Soup Cooling Fan

Have you burnt your tongue while sipping the hot soup? This unique stuff did help solve the problem. Such funny instruments were then used to cool the piping hot soup. Weird isn’t it?

bizarre inventions fan cooling soup
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Shower And Beach Hood

This innovative idea could have materialized to protect your hairstyle and makeup while at the beach shower!! Whoops! In the early days females craved for such transparent oiled skin hood.

Bizarre inventions shower hood
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The Musical Radio Hat

Long before the invention of gramophone, boomboxes, discman, and the ipod people used the radio hat having portable attachment. Invented in 1931 this radio hat was an excellent invention of that time. However, it did not catch up with time.

bizarre inventions radio hat
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Strange Finger Cutlery For Contemporary Homes

Does gripping your traditional cutlery annoy you often? Then, try using these tiny finger forks and spoons. The dining room technology invention is too new to comment on its usability. Let us assume eating food with finger forks in the near future.

bizarre inventions finger-spoon-fork
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From the flying jet to the amazing radio hat, inventors have gone far to create the strangest inventions. Stylewhack brings a few chosen one’s for you to enjoy!



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