Body Shaming

Here is a message that I would like to spread to all of my nay-sayers as well as well wishers, who sometimes even unintentionally become a part of this deeply damaging evil called Body Shaming.

To everyone who is a part of the body shaming charade – 

“I am not my body, don’t recognize me that. I am not fat, or thin, or fair, or dark, or short, or plump. I don’t have beautiful eyes or big nose or long hands.”

Body Shaming
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You may have my best interests at heart when you comment on my physical appearance, just by a way of a passing comment or even a joke. Either positive or negative. But that still does not justify the comment on something which is not ME.

My body is not mine. Don’t judge me by it, recognize me by it nor remember me by it. It’s my house while I am a soul living inside this body. My body is a reaction or a combination of many many bodies before me whose souls decided to come together. My body is by product of earlier genes. A genetic chemical reaction.

I may have abused it, neglected it, maintained it, or sometimes taken pride in it. I may have kept it healthy or not. But that all is just peripheral. That is not ME.

This is not me
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I am the “KINDNESS” with which I react to people.
I am the “PATIENCE” with which I deal with a frustrating situation.
I am the “HELP” that I give someone who is, or is not related to my life.
I am the “SMILE” that the other person had after talking to me.
I am the  “WONDER ” that I feel when I sense something extraordinary.
I am the “ANGER” that you feel if I have given you a reason to be upset.
I am the “DETERMINATION” to bring up my child in the best version of herself.
I am the “REGRET” that I feel after intentionally or unintentionally hurting someone.
I am how much I GIVE or TAKE.
These are my parts, these are my organs and this is all that I am going to take away when I leave this body behind.
Body Feet
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Judge me by all that, remember me by all that and recognize me by all that.
Don’t acknowledge me by the few kgs that the body has put on, or the way my skin has cleared up, or by my hair, or my nose or eyes or color or weight. Remember the feeling you got when you look deep into my eyes whether happy or sad. I am that feeling.
Remember me by that. Stop body shaming me or anyone.

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I am after all the soul which is behind this body and not the body itself!

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