Bollywood actresses are often known and judged for their physical appearance. Their clothes, hair and makeup take the limelight away from their talent and hard-work. But some actresses are breaking out of the stereotypical beauty norms while fighting the evil of Body Shaming. These real women are showing that talent is the real beauty. Even with a small gesture (as small as retaining their natural teeth), they are giving suitable examples about flaunting what is natural – be it frowned upon by the billion dollar industry who is waiting to tell you what is wrong with you.

Asymmetrical pearlies are a natural gift and these wonderful women know how to flaunt their not so perfect teeth!

Ileana D’Cruz

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Ileana D’Cruz is an incredible Telugu and Bollywood actress. She looks adorable with her naturally formed teeth. According to the sources, she said, “I think in this world where people expect perfect-looking women to be heroines, I would like to be the different one, in a way. I can’t be looking like anybody else, and I need to retain my individuality. I do not have the most perfect set of teeth and I have been told so by many dentists. They say, ‘We saw your film and you look good and perform well but your teeth aren’t right. We can fix it for you.’ And I am like, NO. I am not going to do anything! I am perfect the way I am and I am going to leave my teeth the way they are.

She also added “I think that brings character, a difference that makes me stand out. I do not want to blend in as I would rather stand apart and be someone different. I will make my own routes and I will make my own set of ways. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

You go girl! Hats off!

Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Teeth
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Another actress on this list is Kalki Koechlin. She is a Bollywood actress and a writer of French descent. She has a winsome smile with two bunny looking teeth.

Twitter was all praise for her

Super cute, Kalki! 

Malaika Arora 

Malaika Arora
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Malaika Arora khan is one of the hottest moms of Bollywood.  She has naturally big teeth but definitely knows how to dazzle with them. The fittest mommy highlights her beauty with her uneven pearls. Her smile is as stunning as her looks.

Shabana Azmi

Shabana Azmi
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Shabana Azmi is one of the ravishing and talented actresses of Bollywood. With her Bollywood debut in 1974, she sparked the hearts of all. She talked about her uneasiness of teeth on television. She was worried about her malformed teeth and used to cover her smile. Mahesh Bhatt swept away her uneasiness saying, “You have beautiful eyes that communicate, smile and talk.”

Dimple Kapadia

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This evergreen 70s actress has uneven teeth but looks charming when she smiles. Every time she smiles, she glows. Her crooked teeth are the reason behind her radiating smile.

Moushumi Chatterjee

Moushumi Chatterjee is one of the evergreen actresses of Indian Cinema. She has a very cute side tooth which looks stunning on her. She is a proof that even the ones with beautiful side teeth can dazzle.

Genelia Deshmukh

Genelia D'souza img2
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Meet the cutest mom of Bollywood, Genelia Deshmukh. Adding cuteness to her face, the two front bunny teeth make her look bubbly when she smiles.

Adorable Genelia knows how to flaunt with her natural pearls! 

Alia Bhatt

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Alia Bhatt! No words can describe the talent of this actress. After giving several hits in a row, she stunned everyone in her latest film Dear Zindagi”. She has one crooked tooth on the left side. Her teeth along with a dimple adds cuteness on her face.

All you ladies look perfect and glowing with these gorgeously natural pearlies! You all are a perfect example of real, beautiful women!


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