I have been successful probably because I have always realized that I knew nothing about writing and have merely tried to tell an interesting story entertainingly.

– Edgar Rice Burroughs

Our editors dove into the ocean of recent scribblers and discovered a newbie writer’s book- worth reading. Stylewhack chose to feature an exclusive ‘must read’ book of this Valentine Day when love is in the air. Stylewhack presents you a love story to touch hearts – by an upcoming promising author Preetesh Mishra.

A love story of Aakash and Anika which will mesmerize you and make you realize what real love is all about. The romance, the fights, the eye openers and some delicate moments is what this book will bring back to you. And amidst all the love, there are twists and turns with an anti-climax that will stun you! “Connected. By You. For You.” is indeed a crisp tale of ‘love’ written zealously!

Book’s First Peek.

My eyes were stuck on her black sandals as they started their slightly slanted pattern of following and antagonizing the laws of gravity. Her one hand would invariably adjust the ever flying hair. Each of her eyes shined like a diamond which had just received its first ray of light from nature. The legs were lifted and placed in such a delicate manner, that not even a single butterfly would have sensed her arrival had there been thousands of them around her legs. Her eyes were sparkling as if they wanted to defeat some twinkling stars in a beauty pageant. Who says that Taj Mahal is beautiful? It cannot be. It could not be. Beauty, it seemed, started from her eyes and dipped back into them. It has never come out since then. World is only in an awe of the shadow of that beauty which must have fell on the Taj Mahal, just before making her eyes its permanent residence. I should have avoided a glance at her lips, but I avoided the ‘avoid’ only to miss another heartbeat of mine. I wanted to bring my heartbeat on track; however, her pink little nose successfully off tracked my plans. I could have remembered the words that I had uttered, but my brain said, “Not enough memory, please delete some recent thoughts.” I again AVOIDED….

…………………………….CONNECTED. By You. For You.

Get Connected With Exclusive Video of this book.

Publisher: Notionpress

Genre:Love story

ISBN number: 978-93-5206-612-4

Language: English


Get mesmerized by the love story of Aakash and Anika in Connected. By You. For You.Buy the book CLICK HERE

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