Last week we saw how Bookwallah is inculcating imagination in the lives of so many children.

This week, we will encounter real time imagination in the life of a few kids who have been a part of Bookwallah’s story book.

This video shows 3 kids talking about their favorite books. For those who do not understand their native tongue Marathi, here is a short description of the dialogue taking place in the video. Aishu, who is wearing pink says she loves Snow White story while Deepti wearing yellow dress says she loves Goosebumps because she adores ghost stories. The young gentlemen in the video says he loves comics and especially Spiderman comics because he wants to be like spiderman.

Isn’t it inspiring to know how spiderman is igniting the imagination of a kid and how a comic can help someone dream about being a superhero? Have we been underestimating the power of books all along? When you see the video and understand the kids’ deep sought happiness from books, doesn’t it make you want to believe that Bookwallah is indeed making a difference in the life of these kids with the help of imagination?

Here is another video where the kids talk about the other stories that they have heard –

Deepti talks about Angelina the Mouse, Aishu talks about Panchatantra stories and the young boy talks about The Ugly Duckling. If you do not understand the language but just look at their lit up faces, it is enough to showcase their love for books and Bookwallah!

If you want to be a part of Bookwallah’s storybook, please click here. If you want to donate and share the gift of imagination, please click here.

We wish Bookwallah and the entire team all the best! May they spread the joy of imagination to every kid!

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