Passion vs Profession! An Inspiring Story For All Enthusiastic Athletes

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People today are motivated to keep themselves fit and healthy. Do you know which are the ways you can stay fit?

  • Healthy Food
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Exercise
  • Preventive health checkups

All of these factors help an individual to stay in shape and healthy.

Currently, all aspiring runners are looking forward to the great Boston Marathon, an annual marathon hosted by several cities in Greater Boston in eastern Massachusetts, United States.

Have you ever wondered or aspired to go for a long run to keep you healthy? Running long distances is an essential part of the endurance programme. Marathon is one such play that can keep you motivated and fit. The Boston Marathon has an official distance of 42.195 km (26.219 miles).

Boston Marathon

Stylewhack got a chance to speak with Subhojit Roy, a Pune-based runner, and know about his experience with running marathons

Touted as a sport to boost your confidence, physical, mental and heart health the long run is a passion for Subhojit Roy. Subhojit Roy is a Systems Software Architect at IBM. He is keen on playing sports and used to play badminton to keep up his fitness levels. However, there were times when finding partners for badminton became difficult (due to partners’ injuries or their lack of time). Subhojit decided to pursue running to maintain his fitness levels. His still loves to play badminton and trekking, traveling, cycling and photography are some of his other interests. He is also a Boston Marathon Qualifier for 2019- 2020.

Boston Marathon 2

His First Marathon Experience

Subhojit ran his first Half Marathon at Pune International Marathon in December 2013 and completed it in 2 hrs 17 min. Subhojit who was very convinced with this run, he decided to take it on further. His ran his Full Marathon (FM) in Mumbai in January 2016

Subhojit quotes, “The first FM running experience was a tough one for me. I had no idea about nutrition – pre, post or during the race.” This made the race a tough one for him, and he almost decided never to do it again.

Boston marathon 3

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Balance Between Sports Life And Personal Life

For a working professional, it is challenging to balance work responsibilities alongside marathon training. However, once you get into a habit, you feel relaxed and fresh after the workout. Subhojit thinks on similar lines.

Speaking to us he mentions, “The only area which I haven’t managed to address is my sleeping habits. In trying to excel at both fronts – sleep gets sacrificed, and this is something I haven’t figured out how to handle.”

Support from his family has been key to balancing sports and professional life. Subhojit believes that sports enthusiasts (runners) should understand their passion and have fun in accomplishing their dreams. He states, “It is important to balance fun, fitness, work and family responsibilities in a package that makes it possible to continue happily for a long time without sacrificing anything.”

Boston marathon 4

The Boston Marathon 2019

Subhojit Roy is eagerly looking forward to participating in the 123rd Boston Marathon to be held on April 15, 2019. He plans to start training for the FM in Boston in mid-February. The training will include some hill runs because the Boston Marathon course is a rolling course. There will also be a mix of long runs on the weekends, shorter tempos and progressions on weekdays.

Message For Aspiring Marathon Runners

  • Find the right balance between your passion (running) and career.

  • Discipline and consistency of training are the keys to success.

  • Focus on competing against self rather than peers.

  • Get trained under an experienced coach.

  • In short, take it easy and enjoy the journey.

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It’s time we took up some physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. So balance your work and passion, for a happy and successful life.

Stylewhack team wishes Subhojit Roy all the Best for his upcoming adventure in Boston Marathon 2019.

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