7 Saucy Things Boys Do For Their Girl Bestie – Rejoice The Moments


“You Really Don’t Need A Boyfriend”. Because you are taken care of the way parents do and loved like a sibling when you have a friend who is a boy. You can do all that drama in front of him and he will be there through all your emotional turmoil.  A few boys get “Friend zoned” while there is always one friend who has a special place in your life and heart. Other than being questioned about your dating status, people are even more curious about life involvements between you two (Why don’t you both get married? You understand each other so well).

Here are a few highlights of this lovely relationship between Boy & Girl Bestie –

I Am There For You-Always, Now And Forever

Emotional breakdown-Whether it’s after your break up or fights at home, your BFF will always understand you and will make you comfortable with his full tight hug. You don’t have to think twice before hugging him, because you know he will take care of you and will not use you in any way and that’s the best part of this relationship-“Blind Faith”.

Girl Bestie 1

Take Care of Your Little Things

You will forget those things which you said a long time back, but your BFF will always remember your minute things and see to it that the things are getting done at the right time and in the right way, just the way you love. For instance: He must have completed and taken print outs of your assignment before the last day of your submission- which you have forgotten just because it was too difficult and you had left it half way.

Girl Bestie 2

Pamper You When You Are Down

In your hectic schedules and monotonous life, he knows what you need and when. He will make you dance with the crazy beats and much more, just to make you happy and smile again.

Girl Bestie 3


You know fights will never make you apart from each other and so you both go on fighting on every silly topic. After the fights running after each other saying “You started it first” creates the cutest moments between you two. And obviously the girl wins the show (Not because he is always wrong but just because he wants you to smile from ear to ear).

Girl Bestie 4

Perfection, what the hell is that?

When you are with your boy BFF, even though you don’t dress well or have maniac emotional attacks, still he considers you perfect in every sense and never complaints about your crazy things-rather he joins you in the stupidity and you guys have fun in those silly moments together.

Girl Bestie 5

Protect You

He will always be there to protect you from all the evil eyes which can be a threat to your happiness. He may be too thin or too fluffy, but just his presence will make you feel protected, because you know “He is with YOU”.

Girl Bestie 6

Makes You “Be Yourself”

He is the one person in front of whom you can be yourself without the fear of getting judged. He surely snatches off this fear from inside you.  You can crack and laugh at adult jokes; or you feel comfortable and crack all those insane jokes which our society thinks a girl should not. You can discuss everything with him from life to sex to soul.

Girl Bestie 7

If you have that lucky fellow in your life, then never let him go away from your life. You are amongst the luckiest girls in the world who have such caring and loyal friend with you.

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