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One word to describe a boys hostel is- IMAGINARY. Nobody except the boys knows what happens inside the tall walls of a boys hostel. From dirty jokes to sharing underpants, boys do it all. After all, boys will be boys. Want to get a sneak peek into the boys’ hostel?

Well, then have a look at these chucklesome boys that you will find in every boy’s hostel!

#1 Mr. Clueless

Chucklesome Boys
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There is one guy in every boys hostel who has absolutely no idea of what is happening around. “You know your best friend broke up with Tanya!” The reply you will get would be “What? No, you are lying.”

#2 Mr. Broke

Boys Hostel
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“I am broke because I spent 1000 bucks on my girlfriend last night!” He is the one who would spend all his money on his girlfriend but when it comes to partying with friends he is ‘broke.’

#3 Mr. Plain-Speaker

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You would find Mr. Honest-To-Goodness in every boys hostel. The guy would often land in trouble because of his candid and open nature.

#4 Mr. Ladies’ Man

Ladies' man
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The philanderer guy who scores well when it comes to court women. The guy knows how to impress women with his frisky personality.

#5 Mr. Clubber

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‘Screwed up- Let’s Party, Friend’s Breakup- Let’s Party, Passed the exam- Let’s Party.’ This guy just loves partying.

#6 Mr. Spear-Head

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He is the one who is always geared up for all the fights and be in the vanguard for all his boys. Be it any fight in the hostel, you would always find him taking the lead.

#7 Mr. Panic-Stricken

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There is always a guy in every boys hostel who feels panicky and breathless whether it’s his exams or the first date with his girlfriend. All he does is pray to God.

#8 Mr. Non-Vegetarian (Ahem Ahem!)

Boys Hostel
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A non-vegetarian guy is the one you would find in every boys hostel. He is the one who seizes everybody’s attention through his dirty jokes and inexplicable expressions.

#9 Mr. Borrower

Chucklesome Boys
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Mr. Borrower loves to borrow. Forget money, the guy is not even ashamed of borrowing underpants.

So boys, are you one of these? If yes, then do let us know in the comment section below.


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