8 yummy breakfast ideas that are also healthy!


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When someone says, ‘Get healthy’, you think ‘diet’. Well, you know what the secret is? You do not need to diet or get yourself a one-way ticket to death by starving yourself. What if we tell you that EATING could actually help you LOSE WEIGHT? Yes yes, the caps lock was for real girls! But wait a minute before you dig into that chocolate pudding just because we said you can eat to shed. One of the main components of achieving a healthy body is eating right. Invariably, eating right begins right after you wake up – your breakfast!

Eating a proper breakfast fuels your body for the day and also keeps you away from unnecessary binge-eating. And we at Stylewhack are here with some yummy and healthy breakfast items that you would love to wake up to!

The Humble Idli

Small, steamed and oh so soft! Idlis have officially been recognized as the best option for breakfast since they are light, full of nutrition. And tasty!


Because Upma is for Life

Upma is basically the answer to your early morning spice cravings. With loads of yumminess and health in it, Upma could be your best friend!


Crispy Rava Dosas

Who doesn’t love Dosa? From Tamilians to Punjabis, nobody can resist themselves from dipping crispy dosas into hot sambhar. Try Rava Dosa for a similar yet healthier foodgasm!

Rava Dosa

Oat your Way to Health!

If you like to load yourself with fibre for breakfast, Oats is your best friend! You can experiment with different fruits, nuts or other low-cal toppings to make it extra delicious.


 Egg-citing Mornings!

 Yes, yes and yes! Nothing could beat eggs to give you all the energy you need to survive the day. Omelettes, Bulls-eye, Bhurji, oh morning just come already!

Egg breakfast

Parfait Your Breakfast Table

Who said desserts are to come only after meals? You can have it alright for breakfast and not load on some calories too. A healthy yogurt parfait full of sweet and mesmerizing fruits is sure to win you.

Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast Parfaits

Ba Ba Banana Na Na

You can eat a banana or make banana muffins, waffles, pancakes or oatmeal for breakfast. Super delicious and full of good things to keep you going.

Banana breakfast


Oh yeah, you heard it right. Green smoothies are not only delightful they are also something that you can easily grab to avoid yourself from skipping breakfast.


Tell me now dear friends, dare to skip breakfast?

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