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Dance is the hidden language of the soul. Who among us haven’t had this sudden insane desire to break into a dance, but are too shy to do so? This month in #BreakingTheBox, we have with us a person who has taken up this art as his career. Mrudang Desai is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and healer. With his Performing Arts Academy, he has been instrumental in bringing dance right to our households. Be it any age, he promises that he can make you dance.

DanceStylewhack had a conversation with Mrudang about his journey.

Actually in my heart I have always been an art person with passion for science, love for nature and spiritually inclined. I left my formal, or so called mainstream education in my 1st year. After that I just concentrated on learning up on my passion, which was dance. My mom loved dancing and she was immensely fascinated by Shiamak Davar. That’s why she wanted me to join his classes. I had never thought at that time, that this will be my life. I have been doing this for the last 18 years now.

Can you tell us about your journey so far?

DanceIt’s been a roller coaster ride. And that too a bumpy one. Dangerous, fun, fast, slow, dark, bright and I still refuse to get off it.  I have been teaching dance for 18 years now.  The initial 8 years were with Shiamak Davar. I then started my own academy, Mrudang – Academy for excellence in Creative Arts 8 years ago. Actually my true inner passion is teaching. I love teaching and being with people. Teaching comes naturally to me and I can teach anything. Dance is just one of those things. I have been the HOD for dance and animation with FAD Academy. There I developed courses of Dance and animation for a London based College. I have seen the highs and the lows. Dancing and teaching keeps me going forward from within. I must have taught more than 40000 people till date still going strong.

What have been your initial hurdles or struggles?

My initial struggles were very silly. I did not know English and was not at all a social person. I was extremely shy and could not even speak my own name. When anybody asked my name, I used to fumble. Then I became one of the top dancers and Instructors with Shiamak. Leaving Shiamak I started my life from a complete zero. No name, money or vision, but I made it. Now I am running MAECA. We teach in schools, run a performing arts course ,teach many styles of dance, work with corporates, newspapers, NGO’s, choreography for Sangeet and I do a little bit of acting too. 

Is the field financially viable?

fb_20140608_05_14_31_saved_pictureFinancially, there are a lot of ups and down as it’s a business. You have to be continuously on your toes due to the ever increasing competition. But once you have good background knowledge and know what you are doing, it’s a good source of money. You just you need to be patient.

Do you ever think that you should have done something different?

Absolutely not. I am a people person, a teacher and a stage performer. I am at the right place, at the right time, with right people doing the right thing.

What has been your most memorable moment?

DanceActually there are many. Being on stage, dancing, performing and being a star is what I do and what I am. It feels right.

Any message to all those young boys and girls who want to take up this field?

This is a wonderful field with no limit to creativity. Just have enough knowledge, right training, people skills, patience and the readiness to do hard work. With all this I am sure you will be good. And yes, be true to your job. 

What is the future of Mrudang Dance Academy?

formatfactorydsc_0253I want to make this Academy into a successful certified Performing Arts school. Where all kinds of performing arts are taught along with a university degree. I am planning to have dance studios all over Pune and aim at being the top most place for every stage lover.


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