The Brexit vote has instigated several disgruntled elements within European Union (EU) to demand referendum in their own countries.

The Scottish first minister has already sought fresh vote to rethink its continued association with Great Britain over exiting EU. A few in France have started quiet murmur over leaving the old guard already. The people of Gibraltar in Spain may also renew their demand for separation from the mainland.

Back home, our own Arvind Kejriwal, who we last heard blamed Prime Minister Modi for disconnecting water to his bathroom tap and causing a flat tyre in the busy Chandni chowk area, has asked for a referendum on ‘independence’ for Delhi from the Centre’s shackles. We won’t be surprised if sacked AAP leader Prashant Bhushan renews his controversial demand for a referendum on Kashmir’s ‘azaadi’.

Since seeking referendum is the flavor of the season, Stylewhack looks at some referendums that out to happen in the larger interest of sanity and reason.

  1. Should Subramanian Swamy be allowed to speak

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    The BJP motormouth is having a field day. After successfully knocking out Raghuram Rajan from the RBI governor’s post, he is after chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian. Next we hear he may go after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. To stop an imminent ‘bloodbath’, he may ask half of Modi’s ministers to wind up soon. The President of India, state governors may follow…

  1. Should Donald Trump be allowed to fight Presidential polls
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    No one took him seriously when Trump started his monologue against Muslims. Today, the Republican Presidential nominee is smirking at his opponents. He started the fight to polarize the world, and Britain has decided to take his (Trump’s) battle to a decisive stage. After annoying every known minority in US, Trump, we heard, wants every ethical businessman (again, a minority) in the US to leave the country immediately.

  2. Pahlaj Nihalani as CBFC chief
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    The Censor board head has been losing his head consistently, but still manages to latch on to the position, courtesy…don’t know who wants this brick head to continue as the moral police inspector of Indian cinema. If he is not stopped in the tracks, very soon he may make ‘A’ (adult) rating mandatory for every realistic movie made in India. Meanwhile, Nihalani, we heard, was extremely unhappy with Jungle Book hero Mowgli’s short, revealing leaf pants.

  1. Kejriwal as Delhi CM
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    The activist in Kejriwal refuses to die. Prolonged treatment to cure dementia hasn’t helped much as he keeps forgetting that he is running a government in Delhi and not an NGO. He has sought a referendum to decide statehood for Delhi. For him Constitutional hurdles do not matter. “After all, democracy is for the people,” he quipped. Very true, Mr. Kejriwal. We want to invoke the same democratic principles to let people decide if they want you as the CM anymore.

  2. Should Kim Jong-un lead North Korea

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    The man who sought this referendum has been missing since the day he made this demand. The referendum is unlikely to go through unless we find someone who is willing to conduct a vote among North Koreans. Please let us know if you know such a braveheart.

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