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Today’s culture of working 9-12 hours of a day over laptop, con calls, fast lifestyle etc. renders no time or hardly any time for exercise. Majority of us want to shed those extra calories from our body, especially around the belly. Belly fat isthe worst thing that gets saturated on your stomach and makes you look shapeless. Belly fat is just not an issue for obese people but it is equally affecting the lean ones. This ‘Abdominal obesity’ is ruling all of us and is hampering our personality as well. The trend of starving our body for days and months and following diet plans makes us sick and results are minimal and with the arrival of festive season, the fat always comes back.

belly fat

Try these belly fat cutting foods and have a flat one to flaunt in a sexy way.


Whenever you are planning to cut down the extra fats around your tummy, the proven results are found with the help of protein rich diet. Protein rich diet helps to keep hunger at bay and also boost metabolic processes.


The simplest way of adding protein to your diet is to keep almonds handy at your work place, so as to munch on them whenever you feel hungry. Almonds are proven to reduce cholesterol and also contain Vitamin E and Mono- saturated fat (MUFA). Mono-saturated fats help to burn belly fats. Also, almonds are rich in fibers and proteins which help to curb the huger demands and keep you full for a longer time.

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Flax seeds:

Flax seeds are protein and omega 3 fatty acids rich, making you feel full for a longer duration of period.

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Those who are vegetarian, tofu is the best way to add protein in their diet. A lot many assortments can be made from tofus which are actually delicious and help to reduce belly fat.

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A hormone known as ‘Leptin’ is effectively lowered by the fat burning omega 3 acids present in salmon. This hormone regulates use of body energy and when the hormone level is lowered, the body’s metabolism rate is increased leading to burning of calories.

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A protein rich source, eggs maintain a high metabolic rate and keeps you full.

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Chicken is full of lean proteins and protein rich diet makes the digestive system to work out more and increase the metabolism.

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  1. WATER

From the many uses of water for healthy living, you will be surprised to know that water will actually help you cut down the belly fats. Our body’s mechanism of hunger alarms the system and makes us feel hungry even when we are thirsty and we end up eating few more calories. So, it’s not that you are hungry, but you are thirsty. Also, water keeps us hydrated. At times, when our body is dehydrated, metabolism rate is slowed down and thereby the rate of fat burning. So, to have a flat belly, start drinking plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated with increased metabolic rate.

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Fruits are rich in fiber and a few fruits are known for their ability to burn fats.     


Watermelon and other variety of melons are rich in vitamins and potassium and each one of us know that melons have high water content. This high water content helps to remove excess of toxins and sodium from the body. While the potassium helps to maintain optimum fluid level in the body cells.

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‘An apple a day, keeps a doctor away’ holds true. Apples are a rich source of proteins, minerals, beta-carotene, vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants, etc. Also, they keep the tummy full and supply vital nutrients, leading to cut down on over eating.

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Berries, especially blackberries have a vital role in burning the fats because of high levels of anti-oxidants present in them. Anti-oxidants help to improve blood circulation and also purify it. They are rich in fiber and have many health benefits.

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Citrus Fruits:

Citrus fruits contain high Vitamin C content which help to reduce fats by increasing the digestion work and thereby increasing the metabolic rate. Also, citrus fruits are high in fiber which is an added advantage.

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A high protein food and rich in fiber, potassium, calcium and vitamins helps to burn fat by eliminating sodium out of body and increasing metabolic reaction. Also,  banana is known for its effect of flushing excess of fluids which effectively helps to flatten the tummy.

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Avocado is rich in Mono-saturated fat, beta-sitosterol and fiber. These MUFA and high contents of beta-sitosterol helps to burn abdominal fats.

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Pear contains catechin and flavonols which are the two most important anti-oxidants which helps to reduce bloated tummy and prevents accumulation of abdominal fats.

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All green leafy veggies are considered to be healthy as they keep you full. Do we need to add more about vegetables??

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A smart smoothie to burn fat includes:


Yogurt                                                                         half cup

Green vegetables (broccoli, lettuce, spinach)                chopped half cup

Belly cutting fruits                                                        half cup

Garlic                                                                           2-3 cloves

Cucumber                                                                     4-5 slices

Lemon juice                                                                  as required

Yogurt provides good bacteria for the stomach and garlic provides allicin, which helps to eliminate body fats.

This recipe is great starts for the day, which will provide all necessary ingredients you require to kick start your body.

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Healthy food habits and daily exercise is essential for overall physique. Include these fat cutting foods in your diet for a slimmer belly. This process is slow but no doubt beneficial.

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