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6 Considerations When Buying Diamond Thali in India

India is a country in South Asia renowned for rich culture and traditions. It is the second-most populous country in the world. Indians consider their wedding as among the most special days in their lives.

If you are planning your marriage in the country, you may consider buying a diamond thali for your bride. The thali signifies marital status and the union of two souls in Indian weddings. There are different designs and variations of the thali. You can also customize it based on your personality and lifestyle.

Different factors to consider when purchasing a diamond thali

When buying a thali or mangalsutra, you should first learn its importance in Hindu culture. During the wedding ceremonies, the groom ties the necklace around the neck of the bride to symbolize their sacred union. Under the Hindu custom, the wife should not remove the thali until the death of her husband. Here are the tips to consider when selecting a diamond thali for your bride:

  • Consult your bride on her preferred style – Your wife-to-be will wear the mangalsutra during your married life, so she should have a say in the form and features of the jewelry.
  • Determine the historical and cultural importance of the thali in your heritage – Remember that there are cultural requirements when selecting a mangalsutra for your wedding. To ensure that you buy the right piece, ask the inputs of your parents, in-laws, or jeweler.
  • Scrutinize every design element before buying – There are several design factors to take into account when purchasing a thali. Make sure to sift through these elements carefully before you pay for it.
  • Choose a mangalsutra based on the everyday outfit of your bride – Ask your bride if she will wear the necklace in Indian outfits only or not. If she also wears it with western clothing, choose a piece versatile enough to match any outfit.
  • Consider the quality of its diamond, gemstone, and gold – Don’t forget to inspect the diamond’s cut, color, carat, and clarity. Also, if you include gems and gold, decide whether you want natural precious or semi-precious stones, and avoid buying gold less than 14 Karats.
  • Leverage the power of social media to find design inspiration and ideas – To find the best thali for you, you can visit social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest for design ideas. You can also visit jewelers like Sunny Diamonds for design recommendations.

Various design elements of a diamond thali

Here are some design elements to look for when choosing a diamond mangalsutra:

  • Material quality – Make sure your thali contains a quality diamond, gold, and gemstones. Choose a diamond with clarity of VS or higher and gold not less than 14 karats.
  • Chain length – Ask your elders on the proper length of your thali. In most Indian cultures, the length ranges from 16 to 36 inches.
  • Pendant design – Choose a style based on your culture, lifestyle, and bride’s personality and preferences.
  • Color of gold – Ask your bride whether she wants white, yellow, or rose gold.
  • Clasp quality – Make sure the necklace’s clasp is easy to open and close for added comfort in wearing the piece.
Diamond thali

Buying the right diamond mangalsutra for your bride can be both stressful and fun. By following these tips when purchasing from a reputable jeweler, you can find the perfect thali for your bride.

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