This Monday, major protests broke out in Karnataka against Supreme Court’s decision on Cauvery (Kaveri) river water dispute.

Supreme Court released a modified order, in which Karnataka state will have to share more water than before with its neighbor Tamil Nadu. Cauvery (Kaveri) River has been a source of conflict for many years for these two neighboring states. The protests took a violent turn after Karnataka state’s request to reconsider the court’s modified decision was rejected.

Cauvery Issue
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A video of an engineering student went viral in which he was slapped and kicked by a group of people. According to sources he was attacked because of his social media post on the Cauvery dispute. Bengaluru was already crippled, when protesters called a shutdown on last Friday. According to NDTV, almost two dozen buses were burnt at a bus depot near Bengaluru. Karnataka registered buses in Tamil Nadu were also vandalized. Section 144 (Ban on large gatherings) was imposed on Bengaluru in the evening.

Cauvery Issue
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Chief Ministers of both the states, Siddaramaiah (Karnataka) and Jayalalithaa (Tamil Nadu) assured each other to take action against the violence. According to Siddaramaiah, the attack on the engineering student was overrated by media.

US advisory to its citizens in India 

US issued an advisory to its citizens, warning them not to visit protest hit areas in Karnataka.

A women journalist and a camera person along with her were also beaten up by the angry protesters in Bengaluru.

High level action

Bengaluru police has confirmed that 1500 personal including civil, CAR, KSRP, traffic, RAF, CPMF are deployed to maintain peace in the city. Home Minister Rajnath Singh spoke to both Chief Ministers to inquire about the situation. Karnataka Chief Minister called a high level meeting to review the whole situation. State home minister G Parameshwara and Director general of police, Om Prakash were also present in the meeting.

Cauvery Issue
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Social media fights added fuel to the already hyped up protests. It resulted in people of both the states mocking each other via memes on social media. It is advised to everyone, not to share videos of thugs beating up anyone, funny memes, tweets, or any news about Tamilians beating up Kannadigas or vice versa. A Times Now report confirmed, curfew will be extended till 14th September.

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