“Darling let’s go out somewhere, it’s so hot these days”. “Dad what’s the plan for weekend”. “Yaar lets hangout somewhere”. Are these few things you are tired of hearing? Don’t worry CHAIL is the answer to all the questions. Chail – a beautiful place away from hustle and bustle of the city. It’s pretty and calm with warm hearted people. 106.3 kms away from Chandigarh this mesmerizing scenic beauty will etch a long lasting memory to cherish forever. The journey to Chail is full of natural beauty. We bet you will want to stop every now and then to take a picture or two.

In 1891, after being banished by Lord Kitchener from Shimla Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala constructed his summer capital in the village of Chail. Even in warm months one need to wear light woolens in evening. There is a regional story that Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala told Kitchener’s daughter that he will build a palace from where he will be able see her but she won’t get to see him. True to his words Maharaja of Patiala had built this magnificent palace. You can see entire Shimla from Maharaja Suite of Chail Palace.

Major attractions of Chail:

  1. Chail Palace
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Beautifully constructed, it has 22 rooms. There is Royal Dinning, Royal Bar and Royal Cafe to taste the royalty. Himachal Tourism overtook the property for its preservation. Apart from Palace there are other rooms as well, like Log Huts, Rajgarh Cottage, Himneel Block. One can choose from multiple options depending upon the size of pocket and purpose of visit. For example Log huts are fit for couples looking for intimate moments while Himneel Block is best suited for group of friends visiting on weekend. Similarly Rajgarh Cottage will be perfect choice for a gala family picnic.

2. Chail Cricket Stadium
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Now maintained by Rashtriya Military School, Chail, it is world’s highest cricket ground at an altitude of 2,444 m.  It was built as Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala was a hard core sports person. He was captain of the Indian cricket team that visited England in 1911.

  1. Kali ka Tibba
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Ever experienced the mesmerizing feeling of walking among the clouds? No! Well then this place awaits you.  This is one place you don’t want to miss. Located at Mt. Blossom, its dizzying heights will enthrall you and you will literally see the clouds descend upon you. This experience will in first place won’t let you leave the place and even if you leave, you will long to come back again and again to feel clouds beneath your feet.

  1. Sadhupul
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13 kms from Chail is Sadhupul river, where you can do camping and other adventure sports. The ones don’t like camping can have “meri PAHADO wali Maggie” while enjoying “adrak wali chai” with their feet dipped in cold waters of the river.

  1. Paragliding
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Want an aerial view of the amazing hill station? Take a JUMP. You can indulge in this adventure sport at  Gaura.

Apart from these, one can also visit Sidh Baba ka Mandir and Chail Gurudwara. So Pack your bags and get ready for a royal vacation at Chail- Real Queen of hills.

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