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Responsibilities and changes are a part and parcel of job life. Right after you get a full-time job, you go through some weird changes which you would have never imagined as a teenager.

You can finally use the sentence “I have a job” at social gatherings.
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When you were jobless, you were just a normal guy who was used to being asked “what do you do for a living” and you used to come up with a lame answer and finally accept that you were jobless. Now that you have a job, there is no need to worry about that ‘’party anxiety’’.

You will not be surprised when you notice that you have not met your friends in a long time.
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Even if you were the coolest dude in your college life and you had the best social life, a full-time job will change all that. From being a guy who planned all the group hangouts, you turn into a guy who prefers to stay at home, even on weekends. That weekend will be over in no time and here you are, noticing that you have not seen your best friend in two weeks.

You are not that “Partying Wizard” anymore. You start drinking like a man.
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During the college days, we drink and drink till we get WASTED! That bottoms-up drink was the ultimate sign of coolness. When you have a job, you learn the art of drinking like an adult. You know that your late night hangover could cost you your next payday. Instead of getting wasted, you just get a little “buzzed”!

That hobby of yours could become a rare thing.
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Binge watching your favorite TV shows, playing hours of play-station, being on Facebook for hours becomes a rare thing. You will get some time on weekends that will be used up in household chores or maybe a movie or two but after that, BOOM! The weekend is over!

Now you know how to spend your money like a grownup.
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You are not that guy anymore who used to cry for expensive gadgets in front of your family till they finally agreed to buy you one. Now that you are earning your own money, it takes a heart of gold to spend it on something stupid.

These changes may be scary but a full-time job surely transforms a teenager into an adult.

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