Wedding Detectives

Yes, you heard it right Wedding detectives exist. Detective agencies are not uncommon in India but it has been observed that more and more people are hiring detectives to spy on their partners, be it pre-marriage or post marriage.

In an era of online matchups, most people are curious about the history of their anticipated matches. There are almost 3500 private detective agencies only in Delhi. The rate of investigation could go up to lakhs depending upon the nature of the job.

How they work

These agencies offer a number of Investigations depending upon the demand of the customer. Investigation can be Pre-marriage or Post-marriage.

Wedding Detective
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In an interview with The Guardian, Bhavna Paliwal, One of Delhi’s most famous private detective says “Most people who come to me have been married for eight to 10 years. Their marriages were going fine, but they started copying youngsters and got into the habit of Facebook, WhatsApp. Many of them go too far into it, ruining their families.”

Her best advice for every client is “If you go for premat (Pre-marriage investigation), you won’t need postmat.”

Whoever is reading this, we can understand that negative thoughts are the first thing that comes to mind but there are some advantages of these investigation agencies too. One of them is saving people from fraudulent marriages. In states like Punjab the number of ‘short term wives’ is rising. These women are left alone just days after their marriage by their abroad living husbands. These husbands fly the country as soon as they receive the dowry money.

Beware! There could be a Wedding detective next to you.

Wedding DetectiveThe most common case a wedding detective gets is about cheating partners. There are some people who ask for investigation on drinking habits, character, or financial debts. Mostly the detectives sneak into a person’s friend circle to find out about their personal life. Bhavna Paliwal’s detective agency has a name for these types of investigations i.e. Spouse Fidelity test or Financial Verification test.

So next time, beware, that new friend of yours could be a wedding detective!

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